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Bullets with Butterfly Wings

In the O.R., Teddy, Owen, and Avery are working on the gunshot victim. Cristina pops in to consult about bla-blah-medical-jargon for one of her patients. Teddy's impressed at Cristina making a good catch, but before Cristina can leave, Owen says he'd like her to scrub in. Cristina declines. He asks Teddy and Avery to keep the patient stable, as the surgery can wait until after he's talked to his girlfriend. So I see that's still happening. Out in the hallway, Cristina pounces on Owen, saying HE pursued HER, and she wants to know: "Do you love her? Or do you love me?" His inability to answer is enough. "I'm done," she says.

April walks into the supply room with her face buried in a chart. She doesn't see Reed's dead body in the middle of the floor, nor the vast spill of blood that surrounds her. Doesn't see it even she it as she trips over it (taking a seriously nasty fall on her face that honestly looked like it broke her nose). She puts one hand to her nose, which is bleeding a little. Then she picks up her other hand, which is severely bloody from the ground. That's when she looks back and sees Reed. And that's when she starts shaking so bad I wonder if SHE'S the patient with seizures Reed was talking about.

April bursts into Derek's office, unable to speak, but Derek can see she's covered in blood. He asks her what happened, and she starts hyper-babbling about growing up on a farm and being used to blood and slaughtering pigs and you wouldn't think a skinny girl like that could even have that much blood in her but oh man, there was so much blood. (Sidebar: Would a gunshot to the head produce that much blood. I mean, I guess in a closed system, blood would just rush to any opening it could find, but it's not like this was a chest wound where all the big blood-pumps are. Hi! This is gross.) Derek tells April she's in shock, and he gets her to calm down enough for her to tell him that Reed's dead, and someone shot her.

Cristina gets into an elevator, and we all get to have our own private freakout when we see Clark's there with her. He asks her for directions to the Chief's office. She very nicely explains that it's in the east wing, across the third-floor catwalk and into the main lobby. He thanks her for her help. Again on the "how far Cristina's come" tip, but to think somebody got shot for being irritable and snappy to Mr. Clark when asked a simple question and it WASN'T Cristina? Even after she's just broken up with her boyfriend? I'm impressed. And, indeed, Clark rewards her non-bitchery by declining to shoot her after he exits the elevator. She even gets a "Have a nice day"!

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