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Bullets with Butterfly Wings

Back from the break, and Alex is still on the floor of that elevator, and not looking good. Blood everywhere, ashen face, breathing not very easy. Up in Derek's office, he's in the phone with security and frantically paging through contingency plans. I know this is supposed to play up how green he is at this Chief-of-Staff stuff, but honestly? This information can't be anything you're ever going to have to think of. Unless you're on a show written by Shonda Rhimes. They decide on a lockdown -- everybody stays put. know, I'm not going to question it. This is Grey's Anatomy, I'm not really expecting fidelity to modern-day crisis management procedures. Anyway, April is still a whimpering mess, while Derek keeps repeating "I'm the Chief" to himself as he heads out into the war zone. ...Yeah, these are the two I want as the first line of defense against an armed madman.

Space Needle! We're in Seattle! The old Chief is sitting in that same coffee shop, reading the paper, when he spots a cop car flying down the street. Followed by another. And another. There's a doings a-transpiring! Richard slaps a twenty on the table and gets moving.

Up in Peds, Callie comes in looking for a chart and pointedly ignoring Arizona. They get the call that they're on lockdown, which totally makes Callie's day. Arizona uses that practiced calm voice that comes with a career in pediatrics to inform the staff that they're sealing the floor and to attend to the patients and do not alarm them. Callie continues to throw attitude (reminding me that part of the reason I stopped watching was because Callie was starting to become self-absorbed and whiny like the rest of 'em), until Arizona's like, "What, you can't be on the same floor as me? That's a hardship?" Callie snots that it is, actually. Oh, lesbian drama. What are they arguing about having babies or something? ...Oh. Oh, all right.

Bailey's back with Mandy, who's been freshly transfused. She notes that Cute Ryan Devlin hasn't made it back with her pizza yet and generally tosses off a few more Plucky Adorable Patient vibes that definitely had me sizing her up for a death scene. (Turns out I was half right, but let's not get ahead of ourselves and/or start sobbing.) Bailey gets the page about lockdown and looks troubled.

Derek walks into Teddy and Owen's O.R. and pulls Avery aside. He tells him about the shooter and says that when surgery's over and the patient is stable, they're all to stay put until they hear otherwise. Avery takes a moment to look thoroughly freaked out before returning to the table. He goes to provide suction for Teddy, and Owen notes his shaky hands. Yeah, I'd say so.

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