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"You're really good at reading people, aren't you?" she asks. "Telling them what they want to hear?" Duff just ignores her question and says something about Saturn being in alignment with Jupiter. Izzie's irritated. "Okay, I know what you're doing. You watch people, read their body language. You say 'chocolate cupcakes,' I lean towards you, so, you think you're on the right track. Not only do you know you're having seizures, but you're milking it!" Wow. Someone had a bad experience at a sideshow gypsy tent. Duff contemplates her for a second. "Well, we'll just see about that, cricket," he says. Izzie's all, the huh? Whuh? What'd you just call me? Duff just laughs and returns to his astrology chart.

Cristina carries her handy-dandy D and C kit into Mrs. Glass's room and tells her that the OB res should be down soon and that the procedure's so quick, her husband can even stay for it! Yay! If I were a man about to lose his one shot at a baby, I know I'd definitely want to stick around to watch while someone sucks it up into a tube! Try to grow a heart every ONCE in a while, Cristina, okay? Mrs. Glass just smiles brightly and tells Cristina that they changed their minds. They're keeping the baby. Cristina is all, does not compute. She reminds Mrs. Glass that she has cancer, but Mrs. Glass wants to know if she can get a guarantee that she'll survive if they go through with the treatments. "Having the procedure doesn't necessarily improve the treatment outcome," responds Cristinabot. "You have quite the bedside manner, you know that, right?" chortles Mrs. Glass. She goes on to say that her mother died of breast cancer, so her chances of surviving aren't really high. So she might as well have a few years of happiness with her husband and her baby. Mr. Glass looks lovingly at his wife. Cristina says she'll order a psych consultation. "Don't bother," says Mrs. Glass. "I am going to get fat and happy instead of skinny and bald and, if at the end of it all--" "Look," says Cristina, "if you want to live--" "Honey, that's what I'm doing," says Mrs. Glass. She turns to her husband and Cristina leaves.

Down in one of the break rooms, Cristina sits by herself and thinks about what she's going to do. Burke enters and Cristina quickly puts any idea of sex right out of his mind, saying that she's not in the mood. He sits down across from her and says that he's not in the mood either. After a few seconds of silence, Cristina's all, uh, whaddya want? He doesn't want anything; he just hasn't seen her all day. Aw. But Cristina's not in the mood for sweet talk either. Burke suddenly spills that he's never done a bovine replacement before and he doesn't know what he's doing. Cristina's all heart. "Look it up, research it and get someone to assist you." Nice. Burke scoffs and says it isn't that easy. "This is a problem that has a solution, Burke," says Cristina. "There are a lot of problems that don't." She has a point. He's considerably cowed. Way to make your boyfriend feel like shit, Crissy.

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