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Mrs. Glass is packing up her things. Cristina enters and basically flings her discharge papers onto the bed. "Ohhhh, you're not happy with me, are you?" chides Mrs. Glass. "I'm your doctor," says Cristina. "It's not my place to be happy." No, but it's your place to BE KIND sometimes. Mrs. Glass tries to explain that her husband and their child are going to be together long after she's gone. "It's our decision and that's okay," she says. "So why do you need my approval?" asks Cristina. "I just want you to understand," says Mrs. Glass. "Well, I don't," says Cristina. She walks out. Well. That's that, then.

Duff's room. Izzie enters. Duff is looking sadly off into nowhere. Izzie wants him to sign his consent forms because his surgeon's already schedule the OR. He doesn't respond, so she asks if he's having another seizure. He kind of clears his throat and says that he thinks maybe he is having another seizure. Izzie reluctantly asks what it is. Duff says that it's him, that he thinks it's about to over, that he's going to die. Izzie assures him that they know what they're doing and they caught the AVM just in time. She says he's not going to die. But he's not talking about that. "My whole life has been about what I see," he says. "And about believing in myself, whatever people think. And you're telling me there's a very good chance that will go away." Izzie tries to convince him that he's a healthy guy and that he's going to live a long, full life; and if his psychic visions are real, he's got to believe that he'll still have them when he comes out of surgery. She hands him the consent forms and he signs them. Guess that "cricket" thing really made her change her tune, huh?

Oh, cool. A female rabbi is blessing Devo before she goes under the knife. Man, I love to listen to Hebrew blessings. I find them oddly soothing. Once the rabbi's done, Burke gives the anesthesiologist the nod that it's okay to put Devo out and she goes under quickly. Burke then turns to a TV monitor and introduces a Dr. Chesney; he's an expert on bovine valve replacement surgery and he's going to basically walk Burke through the procedure. Awesome. Chesney starts talking and Burke puts on his gown and gets ready to do the surgery.

The Medicine Crüe Hallway of Insecurities. Mere is whinging on about how she tried to talk Shepherd out of the clot surgery. "What is wrong with me?" "Basically," says Alex, "you tried to kill the guy." "Basically, you're an ass," says Cristina. "Oh, you know you want it," retorts Alex. "Come to papi, baby." Hee. George enters and points at his nametag. "This? This is George. And George? Has a hot date." Meredith giggles and tells him that that's great. Yeah, I'm sure he cares what YOU think, Meredith. Alex gets up and tells him to look in the left pocket of his lab coat. "No glove, no love." George kind of disdains him for a second, but thinks again and grabs a condom quickly. Tee hee. Izzie announces that her psychic had his surgery and now she's wondering about Meredith points out that Izzie previously didn't believe in that hokum. Izzie says that she grew up in a trailer park and that she waited tables, which was supposed to put her through college, but her mother was always calling these psychic hotlines, finally creating a pile of bills. Izzie had to use her waitressing cash to pay them. So she basically has a grudge against psychics. "But this guy has been saying things to me," she says, "things he couldn't possibly know anything about. So...I just...wonder."

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