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Bailey and Izzie are performing a lumpectomy on a middle-aged woman who's actually awake during the surgery. She's talking about the psychic and the death he predicted. Izzie kind of dismisses the psychic's prediction as Bailey finishes up the surgery and says they'll see the woman in a few hours with the results of her biopsy. Izzie's not done, though, and she spits out that she can see further into the future than Duff can. Bailey's all, and you care because? Izzie's all, uh, I don't. Except that I'm a hard-hearted realist who doesn't believe in all that mumbo jumbo claptrap unless it involves falling in love with heart patients who may or may not be my destiny. Suction!

Derek's in the ER with a patient who can't feel anything in his legs. His neck's in a brace, and he can only feel when Derek gets to his upper thigh with his little pizza cutter thingy. What? You know what I'm talking about. Derek asks him to wiggle his toes and he does, but nothing happens. The Drums of Doom on the soundtrack would suggest that something is seriously wrong with this guy. Derek says his films look clear and then confirms with the guy that he fell while rock climbing. The guy says he just had a small drop and that his wife and boys are on the way. Derek tries another test on him and it's pretty clear this guy is screwed. He calls over a nurse and orders a stat MRI and tells the nurse to make Meredith go along.

Alex and George are hovering over a patient, attempting to intubate him. Alex keeps needling George, suggesting that he can't intubate properly. George just ignores him and keeps trying to do it himself. Burke watches from outside. The guy's pulse starts going down as George keeps messing up the intubation. He finally gets it in, only to have Alex discover that it's in the esophagus instead of the trachea. He totally calls out George for being a clueless moron. Burke finally enters and says, "Are you trying to kill this patient, O'Malley?" D'oh. Burke, of course, steps up and performs a perfect intubation in seconds flat as George chitters at him about how he's done this before and he's been good at it. Burke ignores him and walks out with Alex, leaving George to bag the patient with a sourpuss look on his face.

Cristina's checking on Duff as he tells her that a little Botox would do wonders for her frown lines. Heh. She gently pokes him in the head and tells him to shut up. He's all, hey, are you allowed to talk to me like that? "Sssssss!" Cristina hisses at him. "God, you're hot!" Duff laughs at her. "In a Mrs. Livingston kind of way." Clearly, the writers are in my age group. Cristina tells him that he has spikes in his temporal lobe, which means he has epilepsy, not psychic visions. She says she's going to order an MRI so she can take a closer look at his brain, and he's all, yeah, there's no way--whooooowaaaaahwaaaaah. That's my shorthand for "Duff makes a spooky-ass face." Duff looks over at Cristina and says, "I wouldn't have picked you for the mommy track, Nurse Betty." D'oh! Cristina just backs the hell off of him and walks out as he tells her she can't run away from this pregnancy thing. Cristina's like, watch me, psych boy!

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