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The Medicine Crüe is hanging out at a station, kibitzing and yammering at each other. Alex is still giving George shit about the intubation and George is basically screaming at everyone that he's good at things. Cristina, having had quite enough, tells George he needs to get laid and that the redheaded nurse across the way is single. George is all, I INTUBATED SOMEONE. Alex is all, you are seriously tweaked out. Maybe you should see the psychic. Izzie's all, DUFF IS NOT A PSYCHIC, HE'S A PSYCHO. Cristina's all, George? Go buy her a latte and freshen up your gonad, please, FOR ALL OUR SAKES. Izzie chortles and George tells her that she could call her mother about that recipe. Izzie ignores him and he finally just walks away, his purpose as the most annoying fuzzy stuffed intern having been served.

Mrs. Glass is telling Cristina about the miracle of her being forty-seven and pregnant. She talks on and on about fertility treatments and acupuncture and trying to get pregnant and Cristina just continues on with her tests without saying a word. "Then, one awesome night on the beach with a bottle of merlot..." says Mrs. Glass. Cristina just interrupts her and says she should have the labs back in a couple of hours. Mrs. Glass asks Cristina if she understands her hesitation with the decision. Cristina gives her one of her trademark "I call bullshit" looks and launches into a mini-speech. "You have advanced-stage carcinoma. You're forty-seven years old, so statistically, you have a good probability of survival. Forego treatment, chances are you won't see your baby go to kindergarten, so whose life are you interested in saving?" Damn. I mean, good point, but still. Damn. Mrs. Glass just looks at her like, wow. Bedside manner is NOT your strong suit, eh? Cristina packs her shit and rushes out of the room before she starts uncharacteristically crying or something.

Back with Walker, Derek and Meredith are still trying to figure out what's going on with the guy when he suddenly yells that he can't move his hands now. He can't squeeze Derek's fingers, nor can he feel anything on his chest or arms. He orders a nurse to cancel the second MRI and prep an OR stat. Meredith's stunned. "You're operating? On what? If there was something to fix, wouldn't we have seen it?" Derek thinks the MRI missed a clot in his upper spine, so he's going to cut him open and find the problem. Mere wonders what will happen if he's wrong. Unnecessary spinal surgery could cause more damage than good. Derek just says that if they wait any longer, they'll have a paralyzed man who can't breathe on their hands. "I'm trusting my instincts," says Derek. "Sometimes you've got to take a chance to save a life." Also? Stop asking me so many damn questions, Nosy Parker. Sometimes you've got to take a chance on a hot doctor who treats you (occasionally) like shit.

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