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Previously, Meredith came back from a near death experience. Her mother did not.

Izzie and her very perky breasts are in silhouette in the shower. Meredith's voice-over tells us that people have scars. As Izzie moves to exit the shower, I worry that we're going to see some of her scars. Just as Meredith is calling scars "diagrams of old wounds," Alex marches into the bathroom. Izzie, startled, wraps herself in a towel and screams at him. He's pretty blasé, reminding her that he's seen it all before. She's kind of wondering what he's doing in her house early in the morning, and he tells her that he's moving in to Casa Grey. Mere V.O.: "Most of our old wounds heal, leaving nothing behind but a scar. But some of them don't."

Izzie, still wrapped in a towel and nothing else, barges into Meredith's room and yells at Mere and a still-sleeping Derek about Alex moving into the house. Meredith points out that there's room now that George has moved out, but Izzie still doesn't understand why Meredith needed to let Alex move in. Izzie: "What's wrong with where he was living before?" Meredith: "I don't know where he was living before." Izzie: "Probably a whorehouse." Lucky whores. Meredith laughs, and Izzie tells her that it will be too weird for her to have Alex living right next door. She also picks up the bottle of lotion sitting on Meredith's nightstand and starts putting some on her hands. I am not going to guess what that lotion was last used for. Meredith: "People are what matters. Alex is one of our people. We can't leave him out in the cold." Or in the presumably badly furnished apartment where he was living. Izzie notes that Meredith doesn't like people and asks if her newfound kindness is related to her mother's death. Meredith tells her that it's related to her own death and subsequent return, and that she's determined to be more positive. Mere: "People are what matters. Paint with all the colors of the wind." If your wind has colors, you need to move upwind of whatever factory is spewing out those pollutants. Izzie backs slowly away from Meredith, calling her crazy. And as she gets to the door, she stops Alex from walking into the bathroom, telling him that she's still not done. And then she reaches down and pulls up her towel so not one inch of her breasts is showing. Alex tells her that he's not looking, because he's really not interested. Izzie doesn't seem to believe him.

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