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Really? Them?

Derek and Marlowe exit the O.R. with Marlowe praising Derek and slapping him on the back. Burke is in the hallway, and he asks what happened. Marlowe explains, and Burke wants to know why Derek didn't call him in. Derek points out that Burke was in an O.R. of his own, but Burke doesn't think that should have stopped him. They start fighting, and then Mark walks up and grabs a ringside seat. Burke accuses Derek of trying to impress Marlowe. Derek seems genuinely shocked at the notion, asking Burke if he's out of his mind. And then the Chief breaks up this fight. Marlowe leaves, and everyone else glowers at each other. Commercials.

The Chief and Izzie enter G.O.M.'s room. He immediately asks for his bullet. The Chief hands him a specimen jar (unused, I hope), and G.O.M. takes out a tiny nub of a bullet. He asks where the rest of it is, and the Chief tells him that was everything they took out. Things stuck in a body for 50 years have a way of breaking down. G.O.M. asks Izzie if she can make out any letters on the bullet. She can't, of course. G.O.M. is heartbroken, and he asks the Chief, "Can you have your lab here analyze it, tell me if it's one of ours?" Wrong show. By the way, it turns out that G.O.M.'s real name is Mr. Scofield. Do you think he might be Michael's grandfather? The Chief leaves Izzie and G.O.M. alone with his bullet and his heartbreak. G.O.M.: "I've been stewing for fifty years." Izzie: "Maybe it's time to move on." G.O.M. thinks it's kind of late for that, since his anger over being shot ruined all of his friendships and his marriage. Izzie: "It's not too late to let it go, and start over." G.O.M.: "You're a sweet kid, but you don't know what it's like to have something change you in our soul." I don't think Grizzled Old Men are really supposed to talk about their souls. Izzie tells him that she does know what it's like. G.O.M.: "Don't let it turn you."

Out in the hall, the Chief watches this touching scene. Bailey walks up to him and tells him, "You look like you had a long day." The Chief complains to her about the attendings fighting, and equates said fighting with G.O.M.'s troops shooting him in the back. She asks if there's a frontrunner for the job, and he tells her he doesn't know. But he doesn't want to set up an internal power struggle. Which clues Bailey into the idea that the frontrunner is someone external -- namely, Colin Marlowe. The Chief doesn't answer.

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