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Really? Them?

In the kitchen at Casa Grey, Izzie puts the finishing touches on a platter of food and tells Meredith not to slosh it around as that would ruin the presentation. Meredith begs her to come eat with them, and Izzie tells her, with a devilish grin, "You need to bond with your people, Meredith. People are what matters." Meredith: "I hate people." Meredith complains that they've already talked out every subject she can think of. And dinner hasn't even been served yet? As Meredith leaves, Izzie tells her, "Ask about the baby. Ask if it poos. People can go on about that for hours."

Meredith walks into the candle-lit dining room and puts the food down on the table in front of Derek, Thatcher, and Susan. Susan compliments the chicken; Meredith tells her it came from the store. Susan compliments the green beans; Meredith tells her that she didn't do them. Derek tells Meredith that the meal is beautifully presented; Meredith tells him Izzie did it. She is not making this easy. Alex comes in the front door, and Meredith jumps up and drags him over to the table to eat with them. Food is being passed and people are starting to eat. Through all of this, Thatcher is just kind of staring at Meredith. Meredith finally asks how the baby is, and Susan and Thatcher both start talking about how great she's doing. Thatcher tells them that the baby looks just like Molly (the baby's mother, his other daughter), and then talks about a picture he has with him and Molly when she was a toddler and how much the baby looks like that picture. Susan tries to interrupt him, but he insists that the baby really does look exactly like Molly does in the picture. Meredith: "That's me. The red sled and the big fir tree in the park at the middle school, in the ugly yellow plaid wool coat. That isn't Molly. It's you and me." She's gone from nervously smiling to having a bit of an edge to her voice by the end of this. And then the lights go out. We hear Izzie's voice: "Crap. Sorry, I think I blew a fuse." Thatcher offers to fix the fuse, and Meredith jumps up to tell him that she knows right where it is. And then he reminds her that he also knows right where it is, too. He walks off. Meredith tells Derek, "I keep forgetting." Derek: "What?" Meredith: "It's his house."

In a darkened and mostly abandoned hospital, Cristina walks past Burke and tells him she's going home. He doesn't respond. She walks back up to him and asks him if he's planning on going home. Burke: "How did it end?" Cristina: "It ended. School was ending, I was leaving." So she really did end it just weeks before hooking up with Burke? Classy. Burke: "You were done." Cristina: "I came here. I fell in love with you." Burke: "A new mentor, with a host of new things to teach you." Cristina just cannot get a break in this conversation. Burke asks her whether she finds his "knowledge and skill compelling." I have to say, I hope he finds her knowledge and skill compelling, because those are the biggest parts of each of their personalities. I somehow doubt Burke would be in love with her if she were an unintelligent barista. Cristina tells him that he's being ridiculous, but he points out that a man three times her age thought he was having a serious relationship with her and then one day she just dropped him. She confirms that's exactly what happened. And then he changes the subject and accuses her of being emotionally closed off. Did they just meet? Burke: "The simple fact is, you have never let me in. What, you think that it's gonna make a good marriage? Well I don't. I don't want you to marry me because you're placating me. That doesn't interest me. It doesn't interest me at all." And then he walks away.

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