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Really? Them?

Back at dinner, Meredith is worrying about Thatcher. She realizes it's probably dark in the laundry room (where the fuse box is) and tells Derek where there's a flashlight he could bring to Thatcher. That leaves Susan and Meredith alone. Meredith tells Susan that she just doesn't know what to say to Thatcher. Susan: "Well, it's not easy. That's 'cause he's afraid of you." Meredith expresses regret for getting mad at Thatcher over the photo. That was mad? It looked like a pretty low-key response to me. Susan tells her, "Meredith, it's okay to get angry. It's you in the picture." I wish she was my stepmother.

At the hotel, the lights are on but things are no less tense. Callie is yelling at George for telling Izzie about her dough. He tries to explain that he told Meredith, who then told Izzie, but I don't think that actually gets him off the hook. I mean, by this time it should be abundantly clear that if you tell any one of them about anything, the others are going to learn about it in five minutes. Tops. Callie is still pissed, and George yells at her for never giving him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he's on her side some of the time. Her answer is that he always chooses his weird, judgy friends over her. George: "No, I don't. I married you, and I haven't talked to my best friend in weeks. Meanwhile, you lied to me about where we live and why. You lied to me about your background. You lied to me about your family! And still I'm the dog who gets whacked on the nose with a newspaper all the time. When is this gonna stop?" Callie shifts the argument back to Izzie constantly saying crappy things about their marriage, and she asks George why he thinks that happens. His answer is that she's having some kind of nonspecific "problems with this." Callie's theory is that Izzie wants George for herself. George starts shaking his head, and Callie tells him not to laugh at her. Laughing, he tells her he's not laughing at her. And he's sure as hell not laughing with her, because she ain't laughing. But he does find it comical that supermodel Izzie would go for a guy like him. That leads Callie to wonder if he thinks a girl would have to be ugly to go for him. And as hot as George says Callie is, that doesn't stop her from throwing his ass out of the hotel. Commercials.

In the kitchen, Izzie is apologizing to Alex for the lack of light. What exactly did she do that blew a fuse is what I'm wondering. Also, how many candles do they have in this house? Izzie is lighting what appears to be the last of fifty candles spread around the kitchen. Alex tells her the food was great but turns down her offer of pie. A cherry pie, I mean. Not Izzie's metaphorical pie. Although I guess he's turning that down too, as Izzie asks him if he has a hot date and then realizes that he does. Izzie: "Oh. Well, good for you. I guess 'not interested' really meant 'not interested.'" Welcome to reality, Izzie. Not every man is interested in you. Alex reminds her that she rejected him. She tells him, "Yeah, but that doesn't mean I want you to want anyone else." Izzie tells Alex that she fears that she'll wind up alone, "pining over a dead guy forever." I'm sorry, but "forever"? It's been a few months. Give me a call when you're going on thirteen years and we'll talk. Alex tells her that it would be a waste for her to end up alone. Izzie wonders if she's supposed to have moved on and if people are judging her. Again, it's been a few months in show time. If people are judging her, they need a cast-iron frying pan upside the head. Alex: "You'll move on when you're ready to." Or maybe just a little while before you're ready to. As we'll see. He gives her a sweet little kiss on the cheek and walks out of the kitchen.

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