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Really? Them?

Meredith and Susan are still sitting at the dining table when Cristina walks through the front door. She tells Meredith that she has a crisis, and Meredith tells her that she actually doesn't need rescuing because she's having a good time getting to know Susan. But Cristina explains that this is not a fake crisis, "this is a real 'my ex is about to ruin my impending marriage' crisis." That is like the third worst kind of crisis. And then George runs through the front door and angrily demands to know where Izzie is. After he stomps off towards the kitchen, Meredith tells Susan, "Sorry. It's not always like this." Cristina: "Yeah, it kinda is." Heh.

George walks into the kitchen and Izzie tells him that everyone else is in the other room. George: "I need you to get over yourself." You and the rest of us, pal. He continues, "I need you to start liking my wife. I need you to like her because sometimes I don't, and I need you to talk me back into it. You say you're my friend, that's the job." Izzie quietly responds, "Okay." And when George keeps ranting, she repeats it again more loudly. And just like that, Izzie got over herself. And pretty soon she'll get over George. Or at least, on top of him. George tells her that his venting comes with alcohol, and he takes a bottle of one of the brown liquors out of a paper bag. Izzie brings a couple of glasses, but before George lets her pour any he tells her, "I got married, and I'm scared it was a bad idea." Izzie takes a breath and tells him, "Nobody ever got married and didn't think that at least once." I like it when Izzie's not stupid and selfish.

Derek wanders into the laundry room with a flashlight, looking to help Thatcher with the fuse. And he finds Thatcher sitting calmly in a rocking chair, taking a break from being terrified to speak with his daughter. Derek tells Thatcher that it's always safe to talk about work with Meredith, because she likes what she does and is good at it. And then we get the little conversation that shows us that although Thatcher isn't much of a talker, he's a good listener. With a few deft questions, he gets Derek to talk about Helen's near death in the O.R. And then Derek tells Thatcher how tough yet fragile Meredith really is. And then Thatcher gets up and fixes the fuse. Which isn't a fuse, but a circuit breaker. And then Derek's beeper goes off. He's being called back into the hospital.

Derek is checking some equipment in Helen's room when she wakes up and asks exactly why there's an incision in her chest. He tells her the truth about her near death. She assumes that means he didn't get all of the tumor and tells her she's not going through that surgery again. And then he tells her that he got it all: "You're going to live a long, long life." Helen: "And here I thought you were just being an ass." He owns up to his own assiness and apologizes for yelling at her earlier. Helen: "Okay. But in this moment, you're the ass who gave me my life back."

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