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Really? Them?

So, could we just send everybody on this show to Shortbus so they can spend a couple of days having inappropriate sex and then come back and quit it? Because the constant inappropriate sexual and romantic connections and misconnections and the triangles (and every other polygon you can imagine) are ruining this show. I used to love this show because I'd watch these screwed up people muddle through their lives as best they could and at some point in every episode I'd look at a character and think, "That's me. That's my damage, and that's how I can deal with it or choose not to deal with it." But this constant bed-hopping is not me or anyone I know or anyone I want to know. And I don't know if this was Shonda's plan all along (in which case she's not the writer I thought she was) or if she's caught up in trying to please the small but freakishly obsessive group of fans who care about nothing other than shipping this pair or that pair or some other pairing I haven't imagined yet (in which case all I can say is that she will never make them happy and in trying to do so she'll drive away any viewer with half a brain). It's not too late to turn the show around. There are some great writers on staff, and more than a few terrific actors. But this show is not going to get its groove back unless and until Shonda realizes that there are ways to show us character development that don't involve people falling in or out of bed. Okay, rant over.

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