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Really? Them?

Speaking of people Izzie doesn't believe -- George is sitting on the edge of the bed in the hotel room, eating a lovely room service breakfast. Mere V.O.: "Some wounds we carry with us everywhere, and though the cut's long gone, the pain still lingers." George is calling out to Callie, who's in the next room, complaining about how selfish and self-centered Izzie is. Callie enters the room and flops down on the bed next to him. She interrupts him by asking for a bite of his breakfast. George gives her some French toast, but doesn't take the real hint and keeps blabbing on about Izzie. So Callie takes the direct approach and asks him, "How about we don't talk about her anymore?" George tells her that's a fine idea, and kisses her.

In the locker room, Izzie and Meredith are getting ready for work. Izzie tells Meredith that when George's marriage inevitably crashes and burns, he'll want his room back, which will be a problem if Alex is still living there. Izzie: "His life will be in a shambles, he'll finally notice that his dad is dead, and he made a fool out of himself by marrying someone he doesn't really love, and he'll have no place to go. Is that what you want?" Meredith: "That's exactly what I want." So that's the new positive Meredith. I'm not seeing much of a change. Alex walks in and compliments Izzie on having found some clothes. She responds by telling him to shut up. And then Cristina and George enter. George asks Meredith how she's doing. And while it sounded like a totally normal greeting, she grabs the floor to make an announcement. Mere: "Okay, everybody, let's do this once. I'm fine, she's cremated, I picked out a beautiful urn, and she's hanging out in the back of my closet. Any more questions about my dead mother, or can we get back to work?" They all give her looks and return to their lockers. And then they gossip about the new candidate for Chief of Surgery; apparently, the Chief is bringing in a ringer, but nobody knows who it is. Bailey walks in and gives them all assignments. Meredith's assignment is "scut," and she claims once again to be fine and ready to return to work. Bailey's not hearing it, though, so Meredith will be taking it easy regardless of her own desires.

Alex is in Crush's room. She still doesn't have any memory, nobody has come looking for her, and they've had no luck identifying her. And her face is still grotesquely swollen, making it pretty hard to recognize her. Alex sits down on the edge of her bed to comfort her and let her know that as soon as they learn anything about her identity, he'll come tell her. She tells him that Mark wants to perform surgery on her eye to keep her from losing her vision, while Addison thinks she should wait a few days for the sake of the baby's health. Alex tells her that any surgery is risky, but that they will be monitoring the baby's heartbeat the entire time. She takes that as advice to go ahead with the surgery, and thanks him. She also tells him he's all she's got.

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