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Really? Them?

In the clinic, Izzie examines a grizzled old man. She asks him if something on his back hurts. G.O.M.: "Of course it hurts. Don't poke it like that." She asks him if the lump has been there a long time, and he tells her he's had it since he was shot fifty years ago. But it didn't start hurting until a couple of months ago. Although I'm guessing it hurt pretty bad at the moment he was shot. Izzie seems doubtful that there's a bullet in G.O.M.'s shoulder, but he tells her that the army doctors didn't want to remove it when he was shot and left it in. She tells him they'll get X-rays to check it out, but he tells her to save the film and give him some drugs for the pain. So we're clearly supposed to think he's just an addict looking for a fix. Izzie firmly tells him that they're going to do things her way.

Derek and George enter a patient's room. It's Shohreh Aghdashloo, and she clearly seems to know Derek. Derek introduces her to George as Dr. Helen Crawford, calling her a big pain in the ass. Helen: "He says that because we worked together in New York and I was the only one who never had a crush on him." So, Helen's a lesbian. Got it. Derek playfully tells her that he doesn't believe it and they exchange slightly flirtatious glances. Derek asks George for the bullet on Helen's condition, and George responds with...utter medical gibberish. I can normally at least make some sense of the various syllables, but the only thing I understood in George's description of her condition is the word "sinus." So I'm going to assume she has some kind of fatal sinus infection. And it turns out to be a condition for which Helen has received three surgeries. Each time, the procedure is mostly but not entirely successful, with the result that she has to come back for a retry every couple of years. But she surprises Derek by telling him that this is the last time she'll be getting the surgery. He's pretty much speechless, but she tells him, "The recovery takes forever, and it's not like when Jake was around. I go through this by myself." Derek doesn't want her to give up, but she thinks she's being realistic. She's going to get the procedure this last time and then spend two years lying on the beach. Derek wants to argue, but she tells him, "Stop looking at me like I killed your cat. The decision is made."

Izzie walks down a hallway, absorbed in her PDA, when she comes upon a mass of young doctors standing in the hallway and staring off in the distance. She asks Cristina and Meredith if they've seen Bailey, and then looks up from her PDA and asks what they're all staring at. She asks what they're doing, and George tells her that they're trying to get a glimpse of the new candidate for Chief of Surgery, who is currently meeting with Richard in his office. Meredith: "We're lurking. In a way that was subtle when it was two of us but isn't now that it's twelve." Cristina tells them she heard it's someone from Stanford, and then smarms, "All the professors there loved me." And how. Burke walks up to them and asks Meredith how she's doing. Cristina just shoves him aside because he's blocking their view. Cristina tells him what they're doing, and then Izzie mocks Cristina over how much all the Stanford professors loved her. I hope not all of them. Burke thinks it's natural that the professors would love her, since she's such a motivated student. That's one word for it. Cristina thanks him for the praise, and he goes on to note that she's a bit of a kiss-ass. If only he knew how true that was. George tells everyone to look away as the Chief comes out of his office with the new candidate. It's Roger Rees, a.k.a. Robin Colcord, a.k.a. Lord John Marbury. He's looking pretty old, but still just a bit foxy. Burke recognizes him as Colin Marlowe, a hotshot cardiothoracic surgeon from Stanford. Cristina looks stricken. Burke walks up to Marlowe and introduces himself. However, as Burke kisses his pasty white British ass, Marlowe looks past him and stares at Cristina. He excuses himself and slowly walks up to Cristina. All of the other interns take a step back. Heh. Marlowe asks Cristina, "Well, you going to give me a hug or what?" He doesn't wait for her to respond and just moves in for a very tender and intimate hug. And it gets a little more intimate as he slides his hand down and cups her ass. Great, just what this hospital needs. Another surgeon with no respect for appropriate boundaries. Commercials.

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