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Really? Them?

Burke and Cristina walk around a corner. He asks her, "So, what was that, exactly?" Cristina: "He was my professor. We were close." Burke thinks that's something of an understatement and points out that he mentions Marlowe's name all the time. Does Burke have a little crush on Marlowe? Cristina also tells him that it was "a long time ago." Didn't she just graduate from med school some time in the last 9 months or so? If she's ever my doctor, remind me to ask her to be more specific when she tells me I have "a long time" to live. Cristina, getting on the elevator, tells him, "Well, um, I didn't think you wanted to hear about every guy I ever slept with." Oh, but I do.

And now it's Izzie and Meredith's turn to pedeconference. I love you, Debora Cahn, but you're giving me a bit of an unwelcome West Wing flashback this week. Izzie, eating an apple, is pestering Meredith to please hang out with her that evening so Izzie doesn't find herself home alone with Alex. Because Alex's fixation with Izzie makes everything so awkward. The apple she's eating is clearly not the fruit of the tree of knowledge. And then Meredith looks down the hallway and sees her father and stepmother standing there. While Izzie blithely talks on about how very desirable she is, Meredith hides behind her and then ducks into a closet. Izzie is more than a little confused by this vanishing act. But then Cristina walks up to her and asks her if she's seen Addison. Izzie hasn't, but she perks up at the thought of using Cristina as a shield to prevent her from spending any time with Alex and invites her to do something that night. Izzie's beeper goes off, and while she reads it (and continues to talk), Cristina sees Marlowe walking down the corridor. So she ducks into the closet. Izzie looks up to find she's once again alone, and she looks around, all "What the hell?" That was actually funny.

Inside the closet, Meredith and Cristina argue about whose closet it is. And then Meredith busts Cristina for having a thing with Marlowe. Cristina brings out the "he was my professor, we were close" line again, but it still doesn't sound very persuasive. Outside the closet, Colin and Susan (Mere's stepmother) have both arrived at the closet door, because they each saw Meredith and Cristina duck into the closet. Inside the closet, Meredith asks Cristina, "You were that girl, huh? The girl who slept with the professor? We had one in my class; she only got to the radiologist, though. No one got near the cardio god." They bicker some more about who has the more pressing need to hide. Meredith points out that she's sure Cristina must have lots to catch up on with Colin. And then they hear Colin's voice: "You know we can hear you in there, right? Loud and clear." Busted, Cristina walks out of the closet and acts surprised to run into Colin there.

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