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Really? Them?

George listens to Helen's heart (or stomach or gall bladder or whatever) and she tells him that she's starving. He reminds her that she can't eat before the surgery, but she tells him that she'll survive because she's staying at Seattle's Only Hotel and had them bring her breakfast at midnight. George recommends the French toast, and Helen wonders exactly how an intern is affording breakfast at a very expensive hotel. He tells her that he lives there and that his wife gets a deal. Helen: "That's one hell of a deal."

So Callie examines some X-rays while George pesters her to learn exactly how much the room service costs and whether the food is part of the $400 a week they pay for the room, and how much he owes her for his half of all the food. Backing slowly away from his pestering, Callie tells him that they pay around $800 a week in room service charges. George freaks out, and Callie tells him not to worry about it. He doesn't think she can afford it, but she tells him it's no big deal. He asks how she pays for it, and she doesn't answer. George: "I'm your husband now, you're supposed to tell me this stuff." My personal theory about these things is that you're supposed to talk about this stuff before someone becomes your husband. But I'm old-fashioned that way. She pulls him aside and quietly tells him that her parents had lots of money, and now she has lots of money. And that there's no deal at the expensive hotel; she just pays for it. To the tune of $2500 a week. George freaks out some more and starts calling her an "heiress" like it's some kind of insult. She tells him to shut up and then tells him that she doesn't tell anyone about the money because knowing about it inevitably ruins her relationships. George is mad that she lied to him and wonders why the hell he's been paying her $200 a week. She cops to having used his money to tip housekeeping. George hits himself in the head and, with a little more screaming and hollering, walks away. Callie tries to cut the tension by telling him that she also used to have a pet ferret. Commercials.

George is in Helen's room when Derek walks in. He's there to suggest some radical surgical procedure that will deal with her problem once and for all but which is significantly more risky than the stop-gap method he's been using all these years. Helen calls it "big balls surgery." I assume she's talking about the surgeon's balls and not the patient's. She tells Derek she's not interested, and he kicks George out of the room. And then he rips into her and tells her that if she continues with her plans she'll have a couple of years on a beach and then die a very slow painful death. He tells her that when she's dying, "You're gonna call me up and you're gonna ask me why we didn't do something when we had the chance. Now that is not something I can live with. Not when we can do something right now to prevent it." He whispers those last few words, and it's unbearably sexy.

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