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Really? Them?

In G.O.M.'s room, Callie and the Chief are examining an X-ray while Izzie looks on. She tells G.O.M. that the bullet appears to be damaging his scapula, which is what's causing the pain. Callie asks him how he got shot, and he tells her that he got shot in Korea and then asks once again for some drugs. The Chief tells him that they'll do something even better and remove the bullet. I hope they know they can give him painkillers and remove the bullet. In fact, the latter pretty much requires the former. G.O.M. sounds surprised that they would take out the bullet, but the Chief explains that they pretty much have to now that it's causing him difficulty. And then G.O.M. says that he wants the bullet, which doesn't seem like that shocking a request to me. It turns out that he's pretty sure he was shot in the back by one of his own men and he thinks the bullet will provide proof of that. The Chief tells him to calm down, and G.O.M. asks, "You know what it's like when your own men turn on you?" The Chief responds, "It's not a good feeling." I'm sorry, but has someone turned on the Chief? We end the scene with Callie and Izzie glaring daggers at each other.

Meredith walks up behind Derek and breaks the news to him that she's agreed to have dinner at her father's house and that Cristina used to have a thing with Marlowe. Derek is much more interested in the second piece of news until Meredith tells him to focus on what's really important, which is her anxiety and neurosis. He suggests she invite Thatcher and Susan over for dinner at her house, I guess on the theory that she'll have the home field advantage. And he offers to come and be her wingman. Is she trying to pick up her father? He tells her that it will be fun, and then corrects himself and tells her that it will be fine. Derek: "They're your family." Meredith: "Why does everyone assume that?" Derek: "Because you have to have a family, whether you like them or not." Again, I think this is less about liking or not liking her father and more about not knowing him.

Addison and Mark loiter about in a hallway. A hot nurse walks past, checks out Mark, and is checked out in return. Addison reminds Mark of their deal, and he tells her that he's still allowed to look. He accuses her of not thinking he can hold out for 60 days and she owns up to it gladly. Mark: "You're worth it." Addison: "You bet your ass I am."

In the cafeteria, George is complaining to Meredith about how rich his wife is. Meredith thinks that sounds pretty wonderful, but George disagrees. He shuts up as Izzie joins them. He needn't have bothered, because all she wants to talk about is the fact that Cristina "did" Marlowe. But then Meredith decides to trump that revelation by telling Izzie that Callie is rich. George yells at Meredith and then tells Izzie to shut up about Callie. George: "Do you think that's possible?" They glare at each other and then George leaves. Izzie tells Meredith, "If you give me the 'people are what matters' thing again, I will kill you." Cristina sits down, and Izzie starts mocking her about Marlowe: "Was it good? Was he good? Did he make you a better lovah?" Cristina: "Do you remember all the other times I've talked to you about my sex life?" Izzie: "No." Cristina: "Exactly." Alex joins them, and Meredith tells everyone about Thatcher and Susan coming to her house for dinner that night. She worries about the "dinner" part, since she doesn't cook, but Izzie offers to cook the meal. And then Izzie turns to Cristina, pestering her about whether Marlowe used Viagra. Cristina ignores the question and tells Meredith that her contribution to the dinner will be to show up during meal with a fake crisis that will require Meredith to kick out her family. Aw, it's just like Stone Soup. Izzie is persistent, and she keeps pestering Cristina until she admits that Viagra is a miracle drug. I'm enjoying the playful Izzie we're seeing in this episode, even if she is being incredibly self-centered.

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