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Really? Them?

Derek finds Marlowe perusing the surgery board. He introduces himself and tells Marlowe about the surgery he browbeat Helen into agreeing to. He also invites Marlowe to observe. Just then Burke walks up and invites Marlowe to sit in on a surgery he's performing. I don't know why Marlowe is grabbing Cristina's butt when he's got these two chasing after him. Marlowe accuses them of trying to intimidate him and tells them it's working. And he agrees to sit in on both surgeries. Two-timing hussy! After Marlowe leaves, Derek and Burke commiserate over the fact that a hotshot has been brought in to compete for the job they both want, and over the fact that he diddled Burke's girlfriend.

Mark is performing surgery on Crush's eye. Is this really plastic surgery? Alex is assisting, and Mark is insulting him. Alex notices that the fetal heart rate is dropping. Mark tells him it may be a faulty monitor, but Alex also notices that Crush has some vaginal bleeding. Mark yells out for someone to page Addison.

Burke is performing his surgery while Marlowe looks on. Marlowe praises Burke -- not for his surgical skill, but for making "an honest woman" out of Cristina. He continues, "I always thought she was collecting us, like baseball cards." Dude, I hope she sticks you in the spokes of her bicycle and rides really fast. Derek is curious what Marlowe means, and Marlowe tells him that he thought that Cristina liked to date authority figures with something to teach her. He's surprised she ever agreed to marry someone, since she used to tell him that "marriage was for the weak and undirected." He apparently proposed to her on a number of occasions, and she shot him down each and every time. Burke is surprised that the idea of marriage came up during Marlowe's brief fling with a student, but Marlowe tells him that he was with Cristina for three years. Just to be clear, assuming Cristina hooked up with him the day she started med school, that would have left only one year between that relationship and her move to Seattle Grace. Exactly how many baseball cards might she have collected during that time? Commercials.

Stairwell of Regrets and Recriminations. Burke and Cristina enter, arguing. She's curious whether he's upset that she slept with a professor or that she "was committed enough to keep at it for three years?" He's more upset that she was so anti-marriage when she was with Marlowe. She reminds him that she still is, and he asks why she agreed to marry him. Cristina: "Because I wanted to make you happy. I'll do a lot of things to make you happy. Do I give a crap about a ceremony with a dress and flautist? No. But I'm happy to do it if it'll make you happy." And no, those pants do not make you look fat. Burke is not impressed with Cristina's magnanimous gesture, and he storms off.

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