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The Storm Rages On
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Happy Fall, dear readers! While it's been four months since we saw that Richard was electrocuted, Season 10 kicks off exactly where Season 9 left off. Electrocution means you get the honor of doing the voiceover (from the Great Beyond? We will see…) and Richard talks about doctors and their white coats. Basically, it's an excuse for him to worry us with the thought that, since his life truly began the first time he put on his coat, it seems fitting that he would also be wearing it at the end. While he's talking about doctor fashion we see shots of everyone else to remind us of what is going on: the hospital is calm but very full, the interns are exhausted, and Mere and Derek have an adorable baby and they and Zola are all hanging out in Mere's room. Owen runs in and tells them that they have to get the Board together for a quick meeting, and then realizes what he's seeing and offers them a rushed congratulations. Seriously, that is one giant baby. Are they using the same one they used to shoot the newborn scenes 4 months ago?

In the lounge, Callie and Arizona are still staring at each other after the cheating revelation, until Callie angrily grabs her own white coat and storms out. In another room full of awkward romantic tension, with April having just floated the idea that she could call off her engagement if Jackson wanted her back, she is staring at him hopefully when Jackson's current girlfriend, Stephanie, runs in and gives him a giant hug since she just heard that he was hurt. Jackson just gives April a pointed look over Stephanie's shoulder.

Bailey is searching for Richard and has him paged over the PA system; as we hear them call his name, we see him on the floor, sparks going off around him like fireworks at a BBQ, white coat still smoking.

Instead of actually looking for him, though, Bailey finds herself bonding with her cute little namesake. Richard and Jackson (since he's busy with an injured shoulder and a pleading ex-girlfriend) are absent but Owen realizes they have to start their meeting anyway. Bailey refuses to leave adorable Jared Bailey Shepherd so Owen finally just plows ahead. After they fill Mere in on the bus crash -- having been busy giving birth and having her spleen removed, she managed to miss that whole drama -- Owen warns them that they are super low on supplies and staff because of the storm and he needs the Board to decide if they are going to close the ER. Mere tries to get herself discharged but no one is going for that, so instead she'll make herself useful by calling their suppliers and seeing what she can get delivered. Jackson finally joins them and says that the airport has reopened, so he sent Dr. Boswell on her way. When Cristina asks who that is, Callie uses the opportunity to tell everyone about Arizona's sexual indiscretion the night before. Many, many eyebrows are raised.

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