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Cristina is back! But to begin with, she's back in bed and unable to get out, at least for a couple of days. Mere is with her, and as she VOs that doctors aren't always right, she is on the phone with Derek and we learn that she's spent the last two nights there since Cristina doesn't want to be alone. But she tells him (and assures us) that Cristina is "Back-back."

Bailey and Callie walk in to work and Callie gripes that she has to cancel a surgery since they have to meet with their lawyers again about the lawsuit. Bailey asks how it is going and Callie isn't allowed to say, but her voice indicates that it's not great. I don't know why - repeatedly relieving the crash that killed your best friend and father of your child and maimed your wife sound like a barrel of laughs! Speaking of her wife, Bailey then asks about Arizona and Callie gives much the same answer. She admits that Arizona is actually walking with the prosthetic but that that she won't leave the house until she's perfect and when Callie tries to encourage her, she gets yelled at for pushing. Bailey has no patience for this kind of nonsense and wants to order Arizona back to the hospital already, but Callie chirps that then Arizona would just be cranky and resentful towards her, too! Callie is actually holding up surprisingly well given how much this crash has fucked her life and family.

Princess Kate, covered in vomit, runs in to Alex who sheers at her that she stinks. She tells him that Santa Claus came to town, and while this sounds like some dumb code, I'll save you all and explain that is the name of a particular repeat homeless patient. Alex doesn't care about an explanation and orders her to change while his love for her sits, embryonic and thus far undetectable, deep inside his heart. Kate is frustrated, which is basically what one could write for every single scene she has appeared in this season.

Mere walks up to Alex with a list; it seems he is buying Mere's old house, which I find rather awesome, but she's pissed that his realtor sent over a list of things to fix before Alex will buy the place. She reminds him that the made a deal and not only shook on it, but drank on it too, which means it's extra-super iron-clad. Alex says that this is just business and they should be grown-ups about it, which makes her even more irate because Alex really shouldn't be the one trying to call someone else out for not being mature.

Remember the intern locker room? I didn't at all until I saw the newest batch of interns there. If they are resurrecting this set, these guys really must be around to stay for a while. Kate gripes about Alex while changing into new scrubs. Heather commiserates because Santa barfed on her a couple of weeks back, too. Leah (who?) just wants to know if Alex said anything about her. Stephanie isn't sure why Leah would start off the year by sleeping with her boss (ah yes, we saw her in Alex's lap once, if I recall correctly), unaware that at this point it's practically a prerequisite for working at this hospital. It's pointed out that Heather hooked up with Alex too, but she just chalks it up to her social anxiety and claims it was easier than talking to him. Smash grins at her and says he's a great listener. Seriously, I love him so much. He's the one intern who can stay and about whom I'd like to learn more.

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