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Alex, already irritated by Meredith, runs into Kate and yells at her yet again for not changing out of her vomity shirt. She finally grows a teensy little backbone and yells back at him for assuming that she's been walking around covered in barf all day rather than realizing she was puked on multiple times. She manages to work Santa's other symptoms into her rant, and Alex has an epiphany. While she's yelling, Kate decides it's a good time to demand he call Leah back too so that she'll stop going crazy. Alex ignores this, but orders her to come with him somewhere, yak-stained shirt and all.

Cristina and her dwarfs are out of surgery and Heather happily reports that the patient is stable. Smash wants a high five but quickly learns that Cristina is not going to get that crazy, even though she's obviously pleased. The moment is ruined, though, when Owen stomps in like an angry bear and begins hollering at her for opening up the guy without first consulting Dr. Jeff. Cristina is defiant that she saved the guy's life and he should thank her, but Owen just spits that he's probably going to fire her, and one can't help but wonder if that's what he wants.

Callie, exhausted from a day of recounting the myriad horrors of her life, starts to slink out of the door but Bailey stops her to ask if she's spoken to Arizona. Callie is suspicious and Bailey admits that she might have pushed a little too much and Callie could be going home to an extra-scary spouse. Callie is both pissed and terrified until she looks up and sees Arizona walking down the hall. Both she and Bailey are immediately uplifted -- though Callie can almost not believe it -- and Bailey muses that maybe she pushed just far enough. She then shoos Callie away so that she doesn't frighten away the little bird that is her wife. When Arizona walks in saying she never got the chart, Bailey apologizes profusely and hands it over. Arizona starts to lecture her but then sees something in the chart and she lights up, sure that the girl has Lemierre's Disease as she suspected. Bailey is surprised it even still exists and asks questions about what she should look for when she does an ultrasound to confirm. Rather than try to explain it, Arizona calls for Bailey to follow her and they walk off chatting about medicine. From around a corner, Callie peeks out at them and smiles, shocked.

Jackson seeks out Richard one last time that day to make sure that he and Catherine got in touch and that there will be no more awkward sex emails delivered to his inbox. Richard tells him it's all straightened out, but when Jackson thanks him and tells them to keep it to themselves. Richard agrees to it only if Jackson can do the same. Jackson acts totally offended but Richard points out what I thought from the very beginning -- when most people realize an email has been sent to them by mistake and they immediately forward or delete it rather than read all of the naughty thoughts someone is having about his mom. Richard adds that then Jackson went out of his way to make sure they got each other's notes, and concludes that he thinks Jackson isn't as upset as he pretends to be. Jackson tries to deny it, but Richard supposes that Jackson is glad she has someone that makes her happy. Richard gives him a wide, smug smile that says Jackson was just totally called out, and as the doors close Jackson tries to save face but Richard is clearly right as usual.

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