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Alex and Kate sit down with Santa and Alex explains that he has a very hard to diagnose condition called Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome that is then triggered by his migraines. Seriously, few things sound more hellish to me than repeated, unexplained vomiting. There's no cure, but there are meds to control the migraines so that he will feel better. Kate changes her expression for one of the first times and beams as Alex goes on that if it happens again, he's to come see one of them and they will take care of them. She leans over and thanks him, and the seeds for a hate-love crush are watered and given a bit more fertilizer. Santa thanks them profusely and Alex gives Kate all of the credit for sticking to it. When Alex walks off Santa admits that he wants to hug her, but not right now with puke all over her shirt. See, because this time she really did leave it there but Alex didn't notice because he realized she was being a great doctor. Awwwww. (Blech.)

Cristina and Owen are waiting in a conference room, and it's a wonder they can breathe with all of the suffocating tension in there. She tells him he knows full well she had no choice, but he just pouts that they will wait for Dr. Jeff. As they wait, Cristina finally points out that if he didn't want her there, he shouldn't have hired her back. Owen is saved from a response by Jeff walking in; Cristina starts to explain to him but he shushes her so he can go over the chart himself. Owen adds that the patient is stable and starts to throw Cristina under the buss but when Jeff finishes reading he turns to her and thanks her for a good save. He then tells Owen that he was right about her, and he now understands why Owen pushed so hard to have her hired. What the what? Jeff rushes back out, while Cristina brightens visibly at this intriguing bit of news. Owen, though, grits his teeth in anger and embarrassment and runs out.

Callie, inspired by Arizona, runs back in to the room where the attorneys are shuffling papers and tells them to take out their slobbery tape recorder so that she can retract her earlier statement. NAncy is none too pleased at this development -- it's really kind of gross how much she wants Derek's career to be unequivocally over so that she can get more money. But Callie insists that they haven't tried everything, nor have they necessarily given the nerves enough time to grow back. Derek had followed her in and he seems stunned to hear that there might still be some option; Callie tells them all that she's thought about other possible surgical options every day since Derek dropped that instrument. But she didn't say anything because she was scared, since she already thought she'd failed him. She tells Derek that he wasn't wrong to push her and in fact should have pushed harder. She declares that they shouldn't give up until they try every avenue, and he gives a happy half-smile while NAncy grimaces.

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