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Bailey and Arizona go over the ultrasound, and Arizona looks like her old self as they discuss the results. Santa, meanwhile, heads out with a big red coat, natch, and a big box of migraine medication.

When Cristina gets home to the firehouse, she looks around at the empty space and finally walks over to the bed and starts pulling off the duvet.

The shake/hug combo seems to have worked as Mere gave Alex the keys, but what she didn't tell him is that she gave Cristina a set too. When Alex opens the door to his new abode, he's scared out of his skin to find Cristina already inside with a glass of wine when he thought it was empty. She announces that she wants to rent a room; he tries to enforce his we're adults/no roommates rule but she pleads that it's a big house, and they work weird hours so they'll never see each other anyway. He looks over and sees her sad little mattress campsite in the middle of the room, and then looks at the growth marks on the doorframe and smiles. Not from the thought of Zola or Mere as a child, but from the realization that for the first time Cristina is the one asking him for help. Cristina replies, "Well, when you put it like that, I want to kill myself." But she doesn't retract her request, and he finally declares that the master bedroom is his and rent is due on the first. She smiles hugely as she shuts the door to their new house while Mere wisely advises us that we can't be afraid to change our minds and accept the way things are and not just what we thought they were.

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