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Back at her apartment, Arizona is in bed reading Trendy Magazine -- it seems the trend this month is for toddlers doing one's makeup, given the appearance of the model on the cover -- and her prosthetic leg is leaning up against the bed. Her phone rings and it turns out to be Bailey, calling to ask for help in diagnosing her patient. Arizona tries to make an excuse but Bailey just plows ahead and tells her about her patient's symptoms. Upon hearing them, Arizona becomes a wee bit interested despite herself. Bailey asks Arizona if she might know off the top of her head what this was and Arizona plays right into Bailey's hands, saying that she might but she'd have to see the chart. She realizes what she just said and tries to claim that she's busy learning how to put on her makeup with a trowel, but Bailey suggests that she could have an intern bring the chart over so she could take a look. Fed up, Arizona finally agrees and Bailey chirps an enthusiastic thank you.

Less enthusiastically, Jackson seeks out Richard and announces that they have a problem: Richard mixed up the Averys in his email address book and Jackson was the lucky recipient of a saucy email detailing many things he doesn't like to think about as they relate to his mother and/or his former boss. Richard assures him it won't happen again but uses the unfortunate, "Son," to address him, which sends Jackson into a fit of twitching. He announces that he forwarded the message on to his mom, and then flees, twitching all the way.

The nurses' station then becomes a revolving door of doctors and conversations. When Mere sees Stephanie, she asks about the lab results and turns Stephanie to stone with fear after Stephanie admits she was just going to give them to Alex and not her. Mere orders her away, and Cristina admires Mere's intimidation while lamenting that she does not hold the title of Most Feared. She's sure, though, that she will be able to establish her position in short order. Mere asks her about Owen and Cristina mentions the orientation packet as an example of just how strained things are between them. Alex walks up and asks Mere if she took a look at Brian's liver. Jackson then joins the party and tells an unimpressed Cristina that he missed her. She asks about the new cardio guy but can't even remember his name right (Jeff Russell) and when she finds it out, she expresses her lack of confidence in anyone named Jeff. Jackson then turns to Alex and asks if he can have his old room back once the house is purchased, but Alex declares that this is not college, and therefore he won't have any roommates. This then brings up Jackson's hooking up with April, though he runs off and hides as she appears. She's happy to see Cristina for a moment until Cristina asks about the recurring hookups. Cristina then leaves to meet her new boss, and Alex walks up to give Mere the disappointing news that she was right about Brian's liver: the mass is cancer.

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