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When Richard walks out of a surgery, he finds Jackson scowling at the door with his phone in his hand, presenting the horrifyingly graphic email reply his mom wrote back; because Jackson had forwarded it, his mom mistakenly just hit "reply" and Jackson read the whole thing in all its glory. He seethes that this must never happen again, and Richard promises that he'll make sure of it. He's so conversational about it, though, that he seems a little bit amused by Jackson's discomfort though Jackson is too squicked out to notice.

When Owen finds that the Princess not only didn't discharge Santa, but ordered a CT as well, he is none too pleased. But Catherine is a noble saint, and she has cleaned up Santa so that he now just looks like an older dude with no beard, clean skin, and a haircut and she lectures Owen that poor people don't receive good care so she was trying to make a point. She's so convincing (it has nothing to do with the fact that the CT is already in process, I'm sure) that he allows her to wait for the results, but if they are negative, he orders that she must kick Santa back to the curb right away. Kate thanks him and agrees to this, celebrating her victory with the same hangdog expression that she wears every time we see her.

Derek finds Callie silently sitting in the breakroom and tells her that it's time to go back in; when she says nothing he finally asks if she is all right. She asks if he ever wished they had taken the original settlement since then they wouldn't have to keep reliving the crash. And here's where Old Derek makes a quick reappearance -- he replies, confused, that no one wanted to settle. She retorts that she wanted to settle and everyone else had also voted to do so before he swept in late and made a grand inspiring speech to convince them all to hold out. He tries to get in a word in edgewise but it sounds like she's been saving this up for a good long time and isn't going to stop, now that she's been given the chance. She yells that he pushed and she couldn't go against him, which is also exactly what he did regarding his hand. He yells back that the surgery was his suggestion but she reminds him that she suggested it for someone else and never wanted to do it herself. Derek finally tells her that he believed she could do it, so everything that happened is his fault and she shouldn't feel bad. That's kind of like someone saying they forced them to drive a car that then hit a dog, so they shouldn't feel bad about it happening. It's never going to make her actually feel better and by the look on her face, it hasn't.

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