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Arizona is still at the apartment, waiting for the chart, and leaves Bailey an irate message about it. The good thing about the message is that she now really wants to figure out what's wrong with the girl and is irritated to not have all of the info yet. The other good thing is that she keeps angrily pacing, which is actually great practice that she doesn't even realize she's doing. Already her steps are much better than they were when she first strapped the leg back on.

As Cristina operates, she asks for the interns' help but makes them earn the right to hold the suction tube by answering questions. Smash totally nails the answers which earns him the right to be "Happy" once again. As she teaches them, she actually mentions that she has learned that sometimes it's better to do something the "old-fashioned" way, which is a nice takeaway from her time with Mr. Feeny. Who knew he'd really end up having that much of an effect on her? Heather also manages to get some things right, and overall Cristina seems pleased with her interns. In other news, there's a pig flying past my window right now and the devil is looking for a parka.

Mere and Alex are STILL fighting about the house, and she holds firm that she's not making the repairs to the point where she threatens to call off the deal. Fortunately, their bickering is interrupted by Stephanie who runs back in with the lab results which show that Brian does in fact have cancer.

The Princess, on the other hand, gets Santa's results back and finds that they are all negative. She begs him to be honest, and he finally admits that he did come in looking for drugs. She starts the process of kicking him out while he pleads with her for some aspirin and lists his symptoms which turn out to be very clear-cut migraine symptoms. She's exasperated that he didn't say so in the first place since this is rather important information, and then to add insult to injury he leans over and vomits all over her shirt yet again.

Mere and Alex break the cancer news to Brian's parents and let them know that while they got it all, steroid use will up his chances of getting it again. His poor mom's heart is broken and she sits down on his bed as she tells them about what a great kid he was. She admits that he was skinny and awkward but that he was a great person and she assumed his bad attitude was just normal, teenager-grade backtalk. She cries that if she had known, she would have done anything to stop it.

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