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Jerry's not taking the leaving very well and is begging for Demerol and physically trying to stop the forward motion of the wheelchair in which he's riding. As he gets more and more agitated, Izzie goes to call psych. Before she can make the call, he gets up to run away but trips and falls, cracking his head on what seems to be a portable x-ray machine. Izzie and Alex page McDreamy and they do a CT that shows subdural bleed with midline shift. I had no idea until this very moment that the midline of your brain could shift -- I think mine is shifting just trying to figure out the physics of that -- but it definitely seems bad and they have to do surgery immediately. McDreamy asks, "Anywhere else you need to be, Dr. Stevens, or are you in?" A wide-eyed Izzie asks, "Brain surgery? Are you kidding me?" McDreamy happily replies, "That's what I thought."

Meredith drags herself into her pulsating house, rescuing furniture along the way. Holding a Tiffany-looking lamp, she finds George and demands to see Izzie, understandably freaking out about the huge party. George tries to escape but when Meredith begins to sound desperate about not being able to handle things, he puffs up and offers to kick everyone out. Right at that moment, however, a very drunk and elated Cristina looks over and yells, "Baby, you made it!" She throws her arms up and it only takes Meredith a second to change her mind. "Screw it! Hold this," (shoves the lamp into George's arms) "and give me this," (tequila.) She jumps onto the coffee table with Cristina, dances, and chugs. It's not the size bottle that actually needs a handle, but it's the one just beneath that, and she does a very impressive job with the swig she takes. They plead with George to join them, and he finally gets up, chugs (though he's clearly an amateur and chokes a little bit) and they make a George sandwich and dance and dance.

Once inside Jerry the junkie's head, the surgeons find what they were looking for and work to fix him up. Alex comments that this might be his way out of "the hole." When McDreamy questions his choice of words, Alex explains that his dad was a musician with a smack habit. McDreamy and Izzie are quiet, finally understanding a little piece of what might make Alex tick.

Back at Casa de Drunkards, Meredith, George, and Cristina play cards. Cristina has hers stuck to her face and lets out a grade-A belch as they discuss being surgeons. Cristina beats George to the hand, and with her order to, "Get naked, baby boy," it becomes clear they've been playing strip poker and George should be lucky he layered. He's down to his shorts, while the girls are fully clothed. A cute guy comes in, looking for Izzie. Why, it's Chase Carter, Dr. John Carter's heroin-overdosing cousin! Or rather, Hank, Izzie's hockey-playing boyfriend. George looks up and slurs, "You and Izzie will give birth to very tall, blonde people. Like Barbies." He must be drunk, as Hank looks more like a redhead on my TV. But then their babies would just be Barbie's punk-rock friends, or kooky cousins, or something. He seems pretty annoyed to not find Izzie and while it's completely understandable, he seems to be radiating a level of jerkwad vibe as well. He's surprised to even find a party, which Meredith assures him, "pisses both of us off." He declines her drunken generous offer of tequila and asks when Izzie will be back. Meredith doesn’t know but suggests he get ice. Though she's drunk, she's serious, and explains Izzie's absence and unknown arrival time with "We're interns, Hank. Hospital owns us. It's what we do." He shakes his head and leaves.

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