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While washing their hands after a little bit of late-night brain surgery, McDreamy tells Alex and Izzie to take care of Jerry through recovery. Alex offers to do it himself but Izzie assures him she's okay. He offers again, seriously, and tells her, "Go see your hockey player." She agrees and thanks him sincerely and, as she leaves, gives him a look back over her shoulder. Uh-oh, we all know that the look back means sexual shenanigans are brewing.

Once Izzie leaves the hospital in her street clothes, she runs into Hank outside who has come looking for her. She seems delighted and they hug, but he's still bent out of shape. When he mentions the party, she happily tells him she hopes he was able to meet her co-workers. However, he tells her he doesn’t care about them; he just cares about seeing Izzie. She points out, "Well, you didn't mind meeting the people I worked with when they were models." It's just so peculiar how it always works out like that. He points out somewhat snidely that back then she'd also come to her own parties. She stops and starts a few times but finally tells him that this is her life now, and that her patients come first, and she works long hours. Mr. Not-So-Passive Aggressive points out his flying cross-country only to find a party and no girlfriend. If he weren't being so hostile about it, I might see his point, but between the fact that he seems like a big asshole and she's, well, a doctor and shit happens, I've got nothing but advice for Izzie to run like the wind. She can sense my advice and tells him that every other person at that party understands her job. "I shouldn't have to apologize for that." In his single unselfish move, he agrees, and they have a silent moment of understanding that this is the end. She tries to convince him to go home but he decides to leave and unconvincingly says that he'll call. She looks sad, but rather than going after him, she turns and goes back to the hospital. He's cute, Izzie, but you're better off with someone who understands your work schedule and also won't overdose on heroin and end up in a rest home one day, too.

At the house, Meredith stumbles outside with her bottle and dances to whatever music is in her head on the front porch. On the street, McDreamy is leaning against his car, watching her. When she notices him, he smiles and teases her. She walks towards him, and it's at that very moment that my pants ACTUALLY LIT ON FIRE from the burning in my loins. When she reaches him, he announces, "So you blew me off for a bottle of tequila. Tequila's no good for you. It doesn't call, it doesn’t write. It's not nearly as much fun to wake up to." She grabs him and they kiss. Seriously. I am engulfed in flames. "Take me for a ride, Derek." Yes, please. In the next moment they're undressed in the car, talking about sneaking back inside. Meredith's tired of sneaking, and also clearly too drunk to care that much. "Yeah, we're pretty good sneakers," he admits. He pulls his shirt around her and at that moment, Bailey's face is reflected in the window, unsmiling. She knocks and asks, "You mind moving this tail wagon? You're blocking me in." Meredith's not so drunk to realize this is bad, and both of their smiles are gone. Derek sighs, "Apparently, not good enough."

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