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Meredith visits Mrs. Patterson, the heart patient, who is in recovery with her husband standing over her. She tells him that all of her test results are fine and that, "heart surgery takes a lot out of a patient." She assures him that his wife should be just fine.

Izzie visits one of her patients who has just had a bowel obstruction removed. Talk about a party in your pants! They joke about it and she asks him follow-up questions including the always fun, "Have you pooped yet?" He hesitates and tells her, "I'm not exactly sure." This gives me some revolting mental images but he doesn't mean anything gross -- he's just hedging because he'd rather go home and can't until he's gone. He says that he should know better than to lie, since he himself went to med school. When Izzie asks him about it, he explains that by his last year of school he nearly got divorced because of the hours he was working, and so he quit and now does research and enjoys having a family. He assures her he meant no offense, and she says she didn't take any. "I'm one of those people who believe you can have both." He tells her, "Maybe so, but your first responsibility is always going to be your patient." That is surely not going to bite her in the ass later on, I'm sure of it. Although, on the off chance it does, I wonder if it will also have some uplifting undertone to the tough lesson? We're going to have to just wait and see.

She walks out of the room past Burke, who is holding two coffees and gives one to Cristina. She's prickly and suspicious, as is her wont, but he tries hard to be cool. "It's just coffee." "Good," she says. "Okay." "Okay." Despite her less-than-warm acceptance, when she thinks he's gone she drinks it. He peeks from around a corner and grins. Coffee: Step Number One to Getting It On.

Meredith washes her face with water in a short scene that seems to be there solely to make me envious of her long bangs that sweep perfectly to the side and don't obstruct her vision like mine do every time I start to try out that style. The scene then jumps to Bailey, Richard, and George getting ready for Mrs. Drake's surgery. Bailey explains how they're going to cut and deflate the obstruction and they carefully dig around in her torso and watch their progress on a screen. They then see something black that causes them to panic. Richard immediately orders them to "open her up," Her ribs are spread, and after a moment of digging Richard pulls out the nastiest black, decaying towel I've ever seen. George asks where it came from and Richard answers that it's most likely from her previous surgery. Bailey mutters, "Something careless this way comes." George just stares. It turns out that Mrs. Drake isn't crazy at all.

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