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Outside of the ER, Cristina has heard what happened and can't believe it while Richard keeps repeating how bad this is for them. They send Cristina to research the old files and find out who performed the last surgery. George is ordered to stay with Mrs. Drake since she likes him. He hems about it a little bit, adding, "Because technically, I'm off at six." Bailey smoothly replies, "Am I invited?" George stutters, "Excuse me?" Bailey calmly repeats, "Am I invited to the party." Caught unawares, he tells her of course, and as she leaves, Cristina stares him down and groans. He wails, "What was I supposed to say?"

In the hallway, Izzie's on the phone ordering beer. As she's befuddled, clearly having been asked what kind she'd like, Alex walks by and without missing a beat tells her to get microbrews and bar nuts. She snipes that she's ordering office supplies and then immediately orders everything he suggested. Her non-pooping patient walks by at that moment and even he knows about and wishes he could attend the party.

Pained yelling comes from one of the rooms and McDreamy walks in to find Mr. Drama -- now named Mr. Ross -- moaning and writhing in pain. He leaves to track down Alex and chew him out for not obeying orders. Alex tries to justify his inaction by reporting that Mr. Ross has been in seven hospitals over the last four months. However, McDreamy points out that though he's a junkie, he's also got a "three-lumbar fusion." I don't know what that is, but it certainly sounds bad. He tells Alex that he's really feeling the pain that he's claiming and sends him off to do his job. As Alex angrily stomps off, McDreamy pauses and thinks, presumably about the argument they just had, but I like to think maybe about a cute recapper he can sense living in Southern California and how he might like to vacation there and sweep her off her feet.

George sits with Mrs. Drake, who is awake and groggily recounting the conversation she had with a handsome surgeon who told her about the towel. George tells her that was their Chief of Staff. She tries to digest what happened but is confused and weak and begins crying and quietly moaning, "Who would do that?" While she's clearly not completely come to from the surgery, she is alert enough to be hurt and appalled at what has happened. George looks helpless.

Cristina, meanwhile, searches through boxes of old files and eventually finds what she's looking for. Once she's flipped through the paperwork, she finds what she's looking for...Dr. Burke was the surgeon who worked on Mrs. Drake in 1999. She gives the file to Bailey, who reads it for herself. Cristina then asks what's going to happen now and Bailey merely tells her to keep it to herself, "while we work this out. Do this for me." Cristina looks tortured -- one of the first times she's looked anything but arrogantly confident or angry.

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