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Alex is with Jerry the junkie, who has a drip in his arm and seems quite content to the point of smugness. Eventually he delivers #7 on Lauren's List of Totally Overused Lines as Ranked Off The Top Of Her Head: "You don't like me very much, do you?" Alex assures him it's not him personally, "just people like you, that's all." Such a bedside manner on that one. With that, in walks McDreamy; Jerry is kicking back with his hands behind is back and reports that on the pain scale he's currently "about a three." If you were using the doctor's happy face scale that you see in every exam room, I believe that's the one with a straight line for a mouth and just a touch of squiggled line to portray a slightly furrowed brow. McDreamy tells him very sincerely but just a touch too loud that he's glad that they could help as much as all of the other hospitals he's been to, and lists them all. He and Alex establish that Izzie is the one to discharge patients today, and will be doing so for Jerry. Jerry gets increasingly upset but McDreamy calmly points out that they've done their job, he's no longer in pain, and Alex will give him a list of recommended treatment programs. "Go home. Get some help." Jerry screams that they can't do that, but they just did, dude, and you're going to need to let the needle tracks heal a bit more before you try this again.

Izzie's patient, meanwhile, is still waiting for his Bowel Movement of Discharge -- wow, there originally was no pun intended there, but that turned into a little bit of magic. Since there's been no movement, so to speak, he's got to stay for another night, which bums him out since everyone else is going to the party. ["Hee, 'bums.'" -- Joe R] He asks if she'll make it, and she's pleased to report that she will since he is her last patient. He's very sweet and genuinely pleased to see her prove that a doctor can have a life and a job when McDreamy stops in to order her to discharge Jerry. Her patient just gives her a knowing look, but she assures him it will be easy. Has she not yet learned to not say that out loud? It's just like when my team declared at trivia today that we had the best three rounds we had ever played -- only to be spanked hard and only answer one question correctly in the final round. Don't get cocky -- or your chance of winning will hinge on you knowing that Liberia is the oldest African republic. Karma comes in many forms, Izzie.

Izzie pages George so that he can go home and sign for the beer, and a passing Alex snarks at her to have her boyfriend take care of it. They snap at each other some more, and he tells her he never would be interested in going to the party anyway, since she thinks it's all about him not being invited. Which on the one hand, it probably is, but on the other, it's Alex being Alex, so who knows? She just makes a fourth-grade mad face at him as George asks again about letting Meredith know about the party. When Izzie says she's going to tell her at that very moment, Cristina reports that she's gone. Suddenly, Izzie's confidence is gone and she is getting worried, and George disavows all responsibility for what's going to happen when Meredith finds out.

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