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Meredith, meanwhile, is late but makes it to the meeting she organized to take care of signing everything over. The same bitchy lady from that morning, however, is upset with Meredith and reports that everyone is there except her mother, who is yelling at everyone that she needs to leave to take care of a cranial reconstruction. Meredith tries her best to talk to her mother and bring her back to reality, and is stuck having to use almost a baby voice and soothing tones like she's trying to reason with a toddler. It's heartbreaking. Her mother doesn't respond, and the bitchy overseer continues to gripe at Meredith about how they should have taken care of this earlier. Meredith finally snaps, and rightfully so. She yells that she couldn't do it earlier that day and asks how she, or her mother's lawyer, allowed her mother to put this meeting off until now in the first place. Since it did seem as if no one had warned her this day would come where everything would need to be signed over to Meredith, I'm on her side here, as any of the healthcare professionals she's entrusted or her lawyer should have given her more warning than just that morning. When she's done yelling she leaves, and her mother continues to sulk about being kept from her mind's hospital duties. Kate Burton, as Ellis Grey, is really an actress who I think gets overlooked since there are so many other great performances on this show, but she's alternately so aggravating and heartbreaking, and kudos to her for how well she plays these scenes.

Back at Seattle Grace, Cristina sees Bailey telling Burke about the towel. Through the window where she's watching, he appears to ask for and receive the file. Cristina just looks back with a worried face.

At the hospital, clearly late, Burke sits reviewing the file. Meredith is heading home, emotionally and physically drained, and arrives to thumping music, taxis letting off partiers, and a pulsing crowd spilling out of her house. She mutters, "Izzie, I'm gonna kill you..." Inside, Cristina looks awesome in an off-the-shoulder sweater -- that is, until she turns around and I realize that it's a cardigan on backwards. It's like some strange homage to Kris Kross, but fifteen years or so too late. I wish I hadn't seen that and could go back to admiring her sexy party top. She goes for the food but Bailey appears, saying, "You could touch that, but I'd have to kill you." She's rocking a purple top with a satin shawl on one shoulder, and some big, sexy, party hair. While she peruses the food, Cristina tries to ask about the towel but gets shut down. Bailey will only tell her, "It's been taken care of." After more questioning, she finally orders, "We're not going to talk about it is what's going to happen. We clear, or have you had too much alcohol to understand me?" Chastised, Cristina agrees that she's very clear. That out of the way, Bailey grabs a plastic cup and looks for the bourbon. Cristina walks away and the room is filled with absolutely no one else we've ever seen before.

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