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The Un-Firing of Meredith Grey
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Episode two starts up immediately, and Mere tells us that when her mother left her father, she didn't tell him what she had done until they were on the other side of the country. "In those days it was called 'family troubles.' Today, it'd be called 'kidnapping.'" While Meredith is off having family troubles, Janet is desperately trying to get a hold of Derek in surgery. A snide nurse replies to Janet's pleas by informing her that everyone thinks they have to talk to the brain surgeon urgently. Her attitude is kind of like the female Derek: humorless and unwilling to help anyone out if it doesn't suit her personally. She finally tells Janet that she'll let her know when Derek calls back.

Bailey and Callie chase down Richard to talk about the Gunther but he's as interested as he was when Bailey tried to bring it up the first time -- he essentially ignores them and tries to talk to Bailey about his clinical trial and some info that he sent her regarding that. He has a surgery later that day to implant another device and wants her to observe, and he's definitely not going to let a Gunther stop her from participating despite her strong protests. Bailey finally gets a word in and explains that the fifth year residents are in danger of actually killing one another or, let's face it, a patient, especially given the earlier surgery mix-up. Richard refuses to let her do it but when she suggests that Callie can supervise, he seems to agree just to get her to stop talking about it. He then reminds Bailey that she has to be there for his surgery at 4.

Teddy finds Cristina sitting in the ER and gets ready to let her have it for sitting down on the job, but Cristina gleefully explains that Bailey paged her 911. Her intern is doing the chest tube instead, "Because it's intern's work." She quickly realizes this isn't what she was supposed to say and she starts sucking up that she's loving this teaching from the ground up but oops, oh well, she has to respond to a 911 page. She's mercifully saved by Henry, who walks up to see his wife. Teddy moans to him about how her good mood has now vanished. Cristina does have a particular gift for sucking the cheerfulness out of a person like a bloodthirsty leech. It turns out his is the islet cell surgery that Richard is doing that afternoon; Richard had an opening and offered it to Henry, who is excited to have his surgery performed earlier than expected. Teddy's obviously thrown off by this development but Henry's so used to surgery that it's nothing, and he tells her he'll call her once he's situated in a room and saunters off as casually as if he's about to go have a beer and watch a football game.

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