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The Un-Firing of Meredith Grey

Cristina, brilliant evil genius that she is, leads Derek and Janet down the hall to where Meredith is standing nervously outside an exam room. Derek angrily demands to know where she's been and Meredith apologizes; they then see Zola inside, and Alex giving her a quick check-up.

Owen gives Danny an update that Susannah's surgery went as well as it could have. Danny leans back, relieved and seems finally able to relax a smidgen for the first time since the ordeal began. He admits to Owen that they were fighting right before it happened, but Owen convinces Danny that she'll forgive him since he saved her life. Danny isn't entirely sure that it will stick -- he thinks that as time goes on, she'll remember why she got out of the car in the first place and they'll go back to that place. Owen offers a different scenario: they could both decide to forget about it and move on, pretending it never happened. I think you stop after forget and move on, because pretending it never happened might leave it somehow festering and able to pop out unexpectedly one day like an alien out of a space miner's stomach. Danny's not sure if this will work either but Owen thinks it can't hurt to try. He obviously thinks this might be the way to go with his own wife, too. Danny actually asks him if he's married but immediately apologizes for prying; Owen assures him that it's fine and actually says that yes, he is. He sounds a little bit surprised about it, but not upset at the idea.

Bailey storms into Richard's office like a tornado, yelling at him for throwing his career away for, "that damn girl." Richard is incredibly calm about it, though he does get increasingly frustrated at the fact that she doesn't want to actually listen to his side of things. Bailey yells that the FDA certainly won't let him continue on with his trial, but he hands her a report and tells her to read it. She rants and raves about how he's throwing this brilliant trial away until she reads, on the cover of the report, that she is now listed as the principal investigator. Richard tells her it's hers now, since he has no pending trials with the FDA. So Teddy was right, he really was rushing Henry in to surgery, though not for any reasons remotely close to what Teddy feared.

Alex is also the picture of calm as he explains that in Zola's weekly blood test he saw some results that were a little bit off and so he wanted to investigate. Derek and Janet are a tough audience, both stony-faced with their arms tightly crossed. But Meredith jumps in and says that she was so worried she must have forgotten her phone when she rushed Zola in -- I mean, when a doctor says you need to bring your baby then you forget about everything else! Especially the actual pending adoption of said baby and how you really need to be on call for your case worker, sure. Meredith also points out that she had to turn in her pager and so never got the pages, which I think is actually one of the only 100% true things she's said all day. Derek demands to know what Alex saw in the test results, like he's daring him to lie -- he seems so angry that he forgets that what Alex does now is potentially going to help Derek's cause. Alex talks about an elevated white blood cell count, but that when he ran some tests everything was totally fine and it was either some sort of stress reaction or even just a fluke. Zola is cooing and playing with Alex's badge as he tells this, and I'm so charmed I almost just zoned out of the rest of the scene. Derek finally manages to swallow his rage and realize that maybe Meredith isn't the devil put on earth just to wrong him -- at the very least, he seems to realize that he needs to play along here and that this whole situation was designed to help them. He agrees that they were right to worry and congratulates Alex on catching it. Cristina gives the tiniest of nods, satisfied that this played out just how she wanted it to. Mere, though, still looks tense and terrified about what might happen.

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