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The Un-Firing of Meredith Grey

When Janet goes to make some calls, Derek actually willingly stays in the same room as Meredith while they wait to see what will happen. Alex apologizes to Mere, telling her he never meant for all this to happen, and she accepts it. He and Cristina leave the room, and Meredith and Derek finally have an actual conversation. He is still angry, but at least he listens to what she has to say after he accusingly points out he has no idea what she was thinking. Mere tells him honestly that she panicked at the idea that they could take Zola away, and she just needed time to hold her daughter and think about how everything had gotten so screwed up. Derek finally looks at her, rather than just at Zola, and Mere tells him very seriously that he should take Zola because Janet's problem is just with Meredith, and the only important thing is that the baby not be taken away. She can live with that situation if that means Derek gets custody. He replies by telling her that she's not fired, and with a bit more than a hint of accusation in his voice he says that Richard is taking the fall. Meredith is appropriately horrified and doesn't want him to do it but Derek orders that she'll absolutely let him do it if she wants to keep her baby. He orders her to let Richard protect her. Well, someone has to, don't they, Derek?

Owen wheels Danny to Susannah's room -- she's awake, scared, and desperately happy to see him. She was afraid because she didn't know where he was, and is obviously confused about what happened. Danny just holds her and promises her that he's not going anywhere. Honestly, I do think that once someone saws off your leg to save your life, you do find it pretty easy to put aside the arguments you were having before that. Owen watches the happy reunion and wanders off to go find his own wife.

She's giving Alex an EKG and while she can't resist poking him hard in the chest with one of the nodes, they clearly are on their way back to being, if not friends, then at least comrades.

Jackson brings a now-calm Bailey back in to get more of a proper introduction to the mice. He gets her up to speed on what is going on with all of them and mentions that he's only been off the project for a couple of weeks -- so these events really are pretty immediately after the season finale, then. He teaches Bailey the drill, and she allows herself just one moment of disgust that it had to be mice, didn't it. But then she's ready to learn and take charge of this thing.

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