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The Un-Firing of Meredith Grey

Jerry sits by Nicky, still asleep, and puts the Silly Bandz back on his boy's fingers and then holds his hand.

Mark, Callie and Arizona have gathered with Jackson and April outside Zola's exam room, watching Janet on the phone. None of them want to believe that Janet could take the baby away but all are obviously scared. Cristina comes out of the room and sees Owen there; he nods at her so they walk down the hall and into the stairwell to talk privately.

Once inside they look at each other for a long moment before he admits that he knows she hasn't had the abortion yet. She has tears in her eyes but tells him that she didn't change her mind and mercifully, he gets that. He finally admits that he knows her well enough to realize she isn't someone who changes her mind. But, he asks, she'd cut off his leg for him, wouldn't she? Cristina points out that she wouldn't botch the job like Danny did -- she'd leave a nice clean stump so that he could have a prosthetic leg one day. She doesn't mean it to be funny so much as she means it as a defense mechanism as she looks absolutely defenseless and terrified of what might happen next. Owen chuckles and shakes his head, which seems to be him giving in and recognizing that this is the girl he fell in love with and it's true, she's never going to change. He asks her when her appointment is, and she looks at her watch and tells him it's right now. He takes a deep breath and then says, "Let's go." She starts, takes a breath, and then breaks down into racking sobs with the release of all of the pain and heartbreak she's had the past few weeks.

Janet finally hangs up her phone and goes back into the room. The others all watch and Callie says that it's going to be fine, but clearly none of them really believe that.

Janet reminds Derek and Meredith that all sorts of questions came up today about things like, oh, their relationship and Meredith's employment. Derek helpfully adds that Mere got her job back and that it was just a misunderstanding. Janet replies that Mere then disappeared. Derek lamely tells her that was a miscommunication too. For a guy who was convinced earlier that he was the one who could talk their way out of this mess, he's not doing a terribly impressive job here. Janet finally tells them that she knows it's a huge deal to bring a baby into a relationship and that they were bound to have some hiccups, but that the shitstorm that blew in today was just too much and she sent up a lot of red flags. She's trying to smooth everything over now but since everything is in motion, it has to play out now that they have all of these questions about Meredith. Derek, shockingly, announces that Mere is the best mother a child could have, whose only flaw is that she loves Zola and Derek so much that she would do anything for them. Janet does seem to understand but she tells them that social services has to reevaluate them and until they do, Zola can't live with them. She's sympathetic, but she is also clearly exhausted from being yanked around all day by these two. She gives them a minute to say goodbye to their baby.

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