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The Un-Firing of Meredith Grey

Mark, Callie and Arizona go to see their own baby since they are all so sad and freaked out after what is going on with Zola. They gaze at her sleeping and think about leaving her be, but decide to go wake her up and shower her with love and kisses instead.

Richard walks out of the hospital, seemingly at peace with the decision he made. He calls Adele and tells her that he's on his way home, patiently reminding her that he is having dinner with her tonight. I just hope the drug works for them and that him giving up this job then gives him the time he wanted to spend with his wife now that their marriage is finally solid.

Cristina is in the doctor's chair, getting ready for the procedure. He prepares her and she listens silently; finally, he asks one last time if she's absolutely sure she wants to do this. There's a quick shot of Owen looking sad but he also seems glad to be there with his wife in this moment. Cristina finally nods her head yes and closes her eyes. As the doctor starts, she reaches her hand out to her husband, he takes it and nods at her. See, even when Owen was completely horrified and heartbroken by Cristina, you could tell that he still had conflicting feelings because he still loved her somewhere deep down. I just haven't felt a second of that with Derek in regard to Meredith. Sure, he's saying nice things about her now, but I'm not entirely convinced that's purely to keep Zola with them. Well, if I had to pick one couple to keep together and work through issues just like real people, I would have picked Cristina and Owen anyway. Something about the two of them just really weirdly works perfectly for me.

Derek hugs Zola to him while she happily plays with his ID badge as she always loves to do. Janet finally comes in and tells them it's time. Meredith watches a moment and then goes over and says his name; he finally hands over the baby but is back to not even looking at his wife. Meredith tells Zola how nice Janet is and how she's just going to stay with a nice family for a little while until she comes back home to them. Derek finally looks up at her and gives her the tiniest of nods. Mere hands over the baby and the diaper bag to Janet, giving her all sorts of instructions of what Zola likes and needs. Finally, Janet leaves. Mere watches her go from the room, while Alex, April and Jackson watch from the hallway. Now that their baby is gone, Derek glares at Meredith and then leaves without another word. Alex is the one to go in the room and take Mere in his arms, helping her stagger out of the hospital and home as she VOs that you think true love is the only thing that can crush your heart, but then you become a mother. I want them to get Zola back just so I can make more girly squeals and baby talk at my television every week when they show Zola's her cute little expressive face.

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