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The Un-Firing of Meredith Grey

Derek is now operating on Nicky; his already awesome mood is made even better by his pager continuously blowing up. He of course just treats this as an annoyance rather than a sign something might be wrong but when the nurse says it's about his baby, he finally takes notice.

Bailey, having won her Gunther, gives the residents the bullet about Susannah and her underground amputation. Not only is one leg gone, but her abdomen is pulverized and her pelvis is likely crushed. Bailey tells them that they will have to work together to assess and repair her injuries. April's mind is just about shot because she actually asks, "In the OR?" Bailey tells her no, in the Jiffy Lube. Good gravy. Callie is there to supervise but she'll only step in, they are told, if they are killing the patient. What if their bickering kills the recapper? Will Callie step in then? No? I still have both my legs? Fine, then. Bailey warns them to not screw this up like they have everything else lately. She directed this at the whole group but April chooses to take it personally.

Owen is trying to examine Danny but Danny keeps trying to leap off of his gurney to go see his wife. Don't underestimate the strength of a man whose wife is in peril (and who just had to chop off said wife's leg) -- Danny nearly manages to make it up twice. But one also shouldn't underestimate a surgeon who used to be in the Army, and Hunt manages to pretty quickly convince Danny that he's not going to win any sort of strength battle and he eventually stays put. Danny is desperately worried about Susannah hearing about losing her leg, and Owen gently promises to check on her and bring back a full report.

I imagine that he's going to do some careful editing in said report, though, since the residents aren't doing anything other than holler at each other about what she needs and why their treatment suggestion is best. Bailey stops Owen from going inside and has to explain to him what a Gunther is, sort of: it's a type of team-building exercise that is implemented when the residents can't work without ripping each other's heads off, and it seems to really help. Callie helpfully adds that the only time it doesn't really work is if they kill the patient, which did happen one teensy little time. Owen can't stand to see the woman whose leg he finished amputating in a pit being treated like a medical experiment but Bailey blocks his entry and finally gets him to stand down by telling him the Chief said it was okay. Owen is appalled as the doctors yell at each other over Susannah's broken body. Cristina is adding an extra element of difficulty to the proceedings by refusing to listen to any single word that comes out of Alex's mouth. Alarms start to clang, and Bailey unconvincingly assures Owen that the doctors are just finding their groove.

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