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The Un-Firing of Meredith Grey

Callie has been trying to play it cool with her sudoku but she looks upstairs and asks rather desperately if this is where she steps in. Bailey shakes her head and then, as they watch, Cristina reaches for a blade and makes a cut in Susannah's chest, forcing the answer to the question of where to cut first. Whether they like it or not, the others now have to go along with this course of action.

While Henry is all ready for his surgery, professional that he is, Teddy still doesn't believe that the only reason he was called in was because of a chance opening in the schedule. Fortunately for their marriage, Henry thinks she's cute when she's nervous. She decides to leave but first sits down on the bed and begins to tear up as she tells him how happy he has made her and how much she loves him -- it all sounds very much like a deathbed farewell and Henry calls her on it. She's now succeeded in making him a wee bit nervous and finally realizes she needs to really, truly, just leave the room. Richard heartily agrees with her decision.

Derek has calmed down enough to be able to look at Danny's brain scan, and he's not concerned. I am glad that they didn't decide to give the poor guy some sort of brain bleed so that just as (if?) Susannah wakes up he tragically bites the dust. That would just be too unfair after he had to saw off her leg. Owen asks Derek how things are going and Derek tells him that Mere has disappeared with Zola. Owen tries to convince him that there's probably a perfectly reasonable explanation for this but it sounds pretty hollow. When he warns Derek not to assume the worst, Derek actually gives him a fairly rational answer as to why he's jumping to the worst case scenario -- It's because lately, the level of Meredith's insane behavior "defies explanation." While I will give him (grudgingly, mind you) that Mere has now racked up a decent list of not the wisest decisions, I would also like to point out that it's not hard to figure out WHY she has done every single one of those things. And having her husband act like the Crown King of Jerkwadia is only exacerbating everything. But, Derek hasn't taken personal responsibility for much of anything up to this point, so why expect him to change now? I paused this scene to type something and hilariously, it stopped on a shot of Derek with his eyes closed, lips pursed, and nose in the air that just so perfectly captured his essence, it was spectacular. Owen knows that Mere has done some crazy things but he reminds Derek that with both her and Cristina, they can sometimes surprise their men. Derek just heaves a sigh, not willing to consider that there might be any surprise this time.

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