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The Un-Firing of Meredith Grey

She walks along in the basement corridor, looking at doors until she finds the one that matches up to the info on her pager. Confused, she opens the door to a dusty old room crammed with old supplies and sees Meredith playing with Zola. Mere looks up and says, worried, "I think I stole a baby."

Cristina is not normally known for finding the bright side in things, but she is known for her mad problem solving skillz -- skillz she has wanted to deploy all day. she immediately starts doing what she does best -- making a plan. Well, she begins to think of excuses, at least. She starts concocting a story that Meredith just took Zola to take a nap, "in a very odd location," and failed to answer her phone for an hour. Many people these days find all the technology intrusive, and it's not that unusual to not answer her phone or pager. Since Cristina was caught up in surgery, she didn't realize how long Mere was actually gone and Mere quietly corrects that she actually has been gone for four hours. During this whole tense conversation, Zola is sticking out her tongue and making cute little baby cooing noises -- I think the best plan is to stick her in front of whoever is mad and she'll just distract them with her irresistible baby powers. They'll forget they were even mad in the first place! Cristina is pretty horrified when she hears how long Mere was gone but finally concedes that people make mistakes, like how she almost killed Alex earlier. Mere is equally horrified to hear it but Cristina brushes it off and says he'll be fine, then orders Mere to stay there and that she will fix this. It's almost just what Derek said earlier, only caring.

Taking advantage of her position as a surgeon and almost flaunting the rules about family members in surgery, Teddy goes in to the OR to see how Henry's procedure is going. She's aghast to see that Bailey is helping rather than observing, and starts her panicked tirade once again, demanding to know from Richard what is wrong. Richard is good and sick of this, and he ultimately orders her out of the OR.

Alex is eating yogurt, chilling in his hospital bed, when Arizona comes to check on him. He asks about Nicky and Arizona tells him that he's okay for now, but then changes the subject back to Alex and how he needs to make up with his friends. He's not interested, but Arizona points out that no one has his back and that now that is now both a professional as well as a personal problem for him. The thing is, someone does have his back, and that's Arizona. But she's tired of worrying about him and just wants to get back to working with him again. Alex finally slumps, his bravado draining away, and angrily pushes his food away like it's the yogurt's fault he's in this mess in the first place.

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