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The Un-Firing of Meredith Grey

As Cristina waits for the elevator the moment she has been wishing and hoping for arrives, but at exactly the wrong time: Owen walks up and tentatively asks if she wants to sit down and talk. The elevator arrives and Cristina very seriously tells him that she wants to so much, but that she has to do something that can't wait. She pleads with him to believe her -- for Cristina, this is about as sincere and desperate as she's ever going to get -- and promises that she's not a terrible person who doesn't care. She then gets in the elevator while Owen sadly droops.

April is hanging out with a still-unconscious Susannah and marinating in self-pity. She tells Jackson she wants to stay so she doesn't wind up messing up this case like she messed up everything else. Oh April. Growing a spine would solve so many of your problems, and would make you a way more interesting character to recap. Jackson tells her she did awesome but she pouts that she wasn't the Gunther, and worries that she's going to get fired. Jackson points out that she certainly won't after just one day, but that she'll just have to come back and try again. I have to wonder if a tiny part of her would be relieved to be fired and not have to do that, actually.

Over in Henry's surgery, Richard says it's finally time to implant the device, and then hands it right over to Bailey to do. She's surprised and not totally interested -- in fact, she finally starts to wonder if Teddy was right to be suspicious that something is terribly wrong. Don't worry, everyone, the Silly Soundtrack is tinkling in the background, so we know that this is funny and not actually potentially bad. Bailey gets a brilliant idea and asks if Richard is drinking again. Oh, the hilarity! He tells her that he wishes it was that simple, and then has her get on with it. As she gets down to it she gets caught up in the brilliance of the little device and how it works, and forgets about the Chief's weirdness as she marvels the wonder of medicine. Richard congratulates her on a job well done and then orders her to close up and walks right out of the room. Bailey is left speechless for a second time that day, and Lexie's eye-acting over her surgical mask says that she is surprised too.

Cristina marches into Alex's room and much to his surprise, orders him to get out of bed. Alex isn't interested in doing anything she says, especially after she nearly killed him, and he's not impressed when Cristina claims that finding the arrhythmia probably saved his life and she'll run an EKG later to make sure he's okay. Arizona's words clearly had time to sink in because Alex finally hollers at Cristina that he made a big mistake but she's supposed to have his back, and that his friends there are the only people he has. He's holding his sheets up to his neck as Cristina tries to rip them away and it's almost comical except that what he's yelling is deeply sincere. He finally yells that he screwed up but Cristina has to forgive him. She answers dismissively fine, he's forgiven, but she needs him to get out of bed. He's so shocked at her response that he does then get up.

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