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The Un-Firing of Meredith Grey

Derek gets paged to a conference room where the Chief is sitting with Larry Jennings, the only Board member we've ever seen. I hope he gets, like, a double vote since he seems to be the only one who does any work. Derek thinks he's in the wrong place but they assure him that they paged him and when he admits he doesn't know where Meredith is, Larry just says that they will fill her in later and has Derek shut the door. Richard is very serious and since we aren't being bashed in the face with a lively soundtrack, it seems that this is a serious situation. Larry tells Derek that Richard confessed that he's the one who messed with Derek's trial, and that Meredith was just covering for him, trying to protect him. Richard adds that he's very sorry that he's the one who destroyed the trial. Derek is not at all happy to hear this and has on his extra prissy angry face and his arms crossed tightly with rage.

Larry leaves the meeting and the door isn't even closed when Derek starts whisper-yelling at Richard, demanding to know what he's playing at. Richard shout-whispers back that he's protecting Derek's wife, what is Derek doing? Well said, Chief. Derek insists this is wrong and Richard finally asks what on earth Derek is doing to her, when all she did was try to save both him and Adele. He asks Derek angrily when is he going to stop punishing her for doing that? Derek seems surprised at Richard's reaction, since this very notion has been this far totally inconceivable.

After Henry's surgery, Teddy is still anxious as she checks him out, despite the fact that everything seems to have gone totally fine. She finally admits that she lost it and got kicked out of the OR, and then gets in bed and cuddles up next to him to make a big confession. She admits that while she thought she'd be all cool and calm whenever he had surgery, she's actually a blithering basket case just like any regular wife would be. She thinks this is awful but he thinks it's endearing, and then reminds her that he's got a chronic tumor condition so he's always going to be looking at quite a lot of surgeries. She admits she'll be a mess for each one, and he absolutely beams at the thought and they start making out. I think of Henry kind of as Denny 2.0 -- the really good-looking, good-natured patient in love with one of the doctors. Please, Teddy, don't cut any lifesaving wires on this one!

Bailey watches them from the hallway and makes a joke about them when Callie walks up but Callie is in no mood, and tells her that something happened with the Chief.

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