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Previously on Grey's Anatomy: last week's episode. Seriously, I can't figure out the rhyme or reason for the previouslys considering that they almost never show them but when they do... it's just last week's episode? If they were reminding us of something that happened a while back and was going to be pertinent again, I'd understand it much more. Especially when we pick up just the day after when last week's episode ended. Mere tells us that patients always say they want the truth, but that they usually don't know what they are talking about. She and Derek are sitting in front of Bailey, who is dithering before giving Mere the results of her genome mapping. Zola's results were inconclusive, which Bailey says isn't a bad thing and they just might want to run it again, but they did get results for Mere. She starts asking them some questions but Mere refuses to answer and keeps demanding the results. Finally, she tells Bailey that she's Mere's mentor and friend but that if she doesn't just spit it out, Mere is going to punch her. Bailey finally caves and says that Mere has tested positive for more than one genetic marker for Alzheimer's. Mere's face goes blank and although Bailey keeps talking, Mere seems to kind of shut down.

Paul is still unconscious, and Owen is hanging out while Cristina looks him over. Owen reports that Rachel is still unconscious as well, so he had Ethan stay in peds the night before to keep social services at bay until his grandmother arrives later that day. Cristina tries to flirt with Owen but his focus is totally on Ethan and he frets about Paul still being unconscious. Cristina tells him that it could be up to eight days for him to wake up, and that they only have to worry after those eight days. Owen then asks if she spoke to Jeff about it, and the very notion offends her. Owen makes a crack about Jeff not supervising her much and tries to get her to discuss Paul's treatment with him, but Cristina points out that everything she's doing is standard and Jeff would think she's lost her mind if she starts asking him about it. Owen is totally unconcerned about that and just quips that Jeff can come talk to him about it if he has a problem. He leaves a very confused Cristina in Paul's room.

Leah walks up to Stephanie and tries to sweet talk her into trading services for the day. Leah tells her that she is with Bailey, and she's terrified because last time they were together she ordered the wrong test twice and she knows Bailey has a personal 3-strike policy. Did we know this? It sounds new. Regardless, Stephanie is working with Jackson so even if she had a mind to help Leah, she totally wouldn't. Bailey then marches up to give Leah grief about leaving crumbs and pizza sauce on her laptop, and a terrified Leah runs off to clean up her mess. Bailey then turns to Alex and takes her mood out on him, yelling that he and the others are training sloppy interns, and since she trained them, they are now, "bringing shame to the whole family." Poor Alex just got there and has no idea what he just walked into.

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