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April finally ventures back to Matthew's room; his mom isn't there yet so she decides to have a talk with him. She comes up with a very convoluted lead-in about how working with the Syrian doctors, and figuring out how to do all of these procedures with very few instruments available, made her realize that she and Matthew can get by without a lot of "stuff." He's understandably confused, even though he agrees, but then after a moment he asks her what it is that they are getting by without. She swallows and then says in a quavering voice, "My virginity." April explains how she was a virgin for a long time, hoping for a guy like him and for marriage, but she screwed up and was too scared to tell him until she saw the Syrian doctors today and witnessed how they are making due with almost nothing left. This is seriously the crappiest metaphor in the world and I wish she'd just say, "I realized I messed up and I'm sorry." Of course, if she could just say that, she probably could have just told him the truth in the beginning and been done with it. Oh, April. And though his facial expression still stays neutral, Matthew has the tiniest of bites to his voice when he asks if he would be an ungrateful jerk to worry about her virginity when people are dying in a war elsewhere in the world. Well... it does put things in perspective, but of course that's not what April meant and they both know it. He finally points out that of course what bothers him way more is the lying about it, and manages to bring it back to her awkward metaphor by pointing out that in war people still value honesty. Oh please make this stop. Let's take war out of it. This whole storyline was aggravating before war was dragged into it because it all revolves around her inexplicably just not telling him the truth in the beginning when I doubt it would have been that big a deal because at his age I am certain that he's dated non-virgins before.

Cristina is in Paul's room when Owen comes by, upset to see that Paul still isn't awake and even more upset to learn that Cristina is making decisions about her patient's without consulting Owen about it first. It's as obnoxious as it sounds, even if it is coming from a decent place. Cristina is taken aback, especially because she DID consult with Jeff this time like Owen had wanted earlier. She thinks it's a misallocation of resources to have three surgeons supervising one patient, and she's not wrong -- Owen needs to take a step back and pull himself together. But he's in too deep with Ethan to do this, and just tells Cristina that tomorrow the three of them will have a meeting to brainstorm Paul's care. Cristina is pretty much appalled at the idea but as she gets ready to lay into him, Bailey runs up to speak to him and insists that they have to talk immediately.

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