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Pretty Little Liars

Bailey leads a team working on Joyce, shocking her, and finally Bailey resorts to desperate chest compressions. But it's too late, Joyce has died.

At the elevator, April sees off Anthony and Dr. Darvish, and Anthony gives her a short hug before they go.

The board members, minus Mere but plus Richard, are all in a conference room discussing the infected patients. The second patient who came in is also going to need surgery, and there's a whiff of fear in the room about what could possibly be happening. Jackson thinks that they need to make a public statement before the news leaks out on its own. Bailey then comes in and reports that Joyce didn't make it. As they all discuss how best to treat the other two, Mere and Leah walk in, and Bailey starts to unload on Leah about how Joyce died and it's her fault. Mere tries to cut in but Bailey won't let her, finally, though, Mere is able to say that Leah can't be the one responsible. It turns out she only worked on two of the three patients and the charts show that the only doctor who touched all three is... Bailey herself. Bailey is stunned, but the others all jump into action. Jackson gets on the phone with the legal department to send someone over. Richard tells Owen he'll handle the other patient. Bailey just starts to yell that anything could have caused this but when Arizona mentions an investigation, she starts to deflate and get nervous, and says she will get her notes. Owen tells her to sit down, but it's like she can't understand the words and she protests that she has to work on her other patients and she also has to notify Joyce's husband. Owen sends Mere and Leah to do that job and more forcefully tells Bailey that she's to sit down. She finally does, and everyone in the room looks in one way or another like they'd rather be anywhere else. Mere warns us to be careful what we ask for when we ask a doctor to be straight with us.

Lauren S is a writer who lives and works in Atlanta and would definitely need to find a specialty other than neurology. She wants everyone to know: "The views expressed in my recaps and anything else I might write on TWoP are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer."

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