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April and Owen have two SGMH schwag bags and they are showing off all of the hospital-branded goodies to Arizona while explaining to Richard that they have two Syrian doctors coming over who used to be general practitioners before the war but who are now helping run a field hospital. They have been at Seattle Pres for trauma training (which is so weird, since you'd think that they'd be studying trauma at the hospital with the much-talked-about Level1 trauma center) and then are coming to SGMH for a crash course in basic surgical skills. (Ah, a chance to get more doctors involved in this storyline. I see.) Richard realizes the sad point that Arizona's involvement means that they are currently losing a lot of children over there, and everyone takes a moment to contemplate just how horrible that is. Callie has joined them and when Owen mentions all of the supplies that they are sending back, Callie jumps on this and notes that with everyone getting money for these pet projects, Callie needs to put in for her cartilage money while there's still money to throw around. I thought we already learned that the money was already allocated and she should know that, as a member of the board, but I guess some more magically materialized. Stephanie comes in with some info for Owen and April calls her over so she can ask about Matthew. When she hears that Matthew's mom is coming to pick him up after his overnight stay, April freaks out and somehow figures this means he can't walk on his own. Rather than telling her he can walk fine, Stephanie says that she has to ask Jackson any questions about how Matthew's condition.

Bailey and Leah go and see their first patient, a woman named Joyce who has a nasty infection on her arm where Bailey just put in a dialysis graft two weeks earlier. Joyce's husband is much more worried than Joyce is; Bailey tells them that it is infected, but that they are going to do some tests and figure out what could be going on. The couple are sweet and nice, and they love Bailey... we all know this can't be good.

Derek and Mere are having a talk in the stairwell about her test results and he insists that just because she has risk factors, it's not a guarantee that she's going to get Alzheimer's. Mere insists she knows this but it's also inspired her to update their wills. This seems to freak Derek out even more and he says that even if she gets sick, it could be decades away. I know he's kind of terrified but her mom did have early onset Alzheimer's and besides, isn't having an updated will a good idea no matter what? Especially when, as Mere points out, Lexie is still listed as Zola's guardian and Owen and Cristina are her backups. Genome mapping or no, it's always a good idea to have a still-living family member be your emergency guardian, I should think. Derek is totally being an ostrich but Mere insists and he finally agrees to call their lawyer.

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