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Once the Syrian docs arrive, Owen, April and Arizona take them to one of the skills labs where they have a skinless dummy laid out on a gurney along with a tray of instruments so that they can teach some procedures. Owen explains that they want to replicate the field conditions as closely as possible so instead of using lasers and fancy doothingys like they would have in a hospital, they will just use the items on the tray in front of them. The docs have a short conversation in Arabic and then one, Dr. Darvish, explains to Owen that recently the supply trucks have been unable to reach them and the electricity has been spotty so they will have to adjust what's on the tray if they want to make it real. Owen encourages him to do so since they want to help as much as possible so Darvish walks over and almost apologetically starts pulling most of the leftover instruments off of the tray, leaving just a couple of instruments, some gauze, some tubing, and a couple of other odds and ends. The other doc, who never gets a name but is played by Anthony Azizi, (a total Hey, It's That Guy!) then goes and turns off all of the overhead lights, so that they are in complete darkness except for his small flashlight. He then announces, "Now, we go." The Seattle docs definitely have their work cut out for them.

Smash can't bear the thought of letting neuro go, so he runs up to Derek and asks if he can follow up on the previous day's patients, "Because I care." He also comes bearing a latte for Derek, and while Derek is exasperated, the coffee is enticing. He reminds Smash he's supposed to be learning other things but Smash claims he can run the pit like he's supposed to as well as manage Derek's post-ops. Heather walks up, smacking on some gum and without coffee, so when she asks Derek a question before beginning his post-ops, he tells her Smash already did them. I'm not sure if he actually has done them yet, since it seemed like Smash was asking permission, but when they ask Smash if there is anything they should know, he tells them that Rachel is awake. Considering all of the drama surrounding this patient, you'd have think he would have led with that. Derek (with the latte) and Heather run to her room and Derek tells Smash to let Owen know she's up.

Owen is in the supply room with the Syrian doctors and tells them that they were going to send equipment and supplies but they'll have to figure out a new plan now that they know supplies aren't getting through. He tells them to put all of the supplies they do have into a box and then Owen will come up with a plan using those items. For a moment, Darvish can't help but gaze wistfully at the fully stocked shelves. Smash then runs in to get Owen.

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