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Owen, in turn, gets Ethan and takes him to his mom's room, but Ethan is too scared to go in right away in case his mom still doesn't know who he is. Owen gives him a pep talk and Ethan finally asks tentatively if Owen is sure his mom is back to her old self. Owen admits that he doesn't know for sure, but he thinks Ethan should try. I would think a simple question from Derek about her son would take care of this instead of sending in an already fairly traumatized 10-year-old to test the waters, but in Ethan is sent in anyway. Fortunately, his mom remembers him and gathers him in a big hug as she cries with joy that he is okay. Ethan is delighted, and Owen heaves a sigh of relief.

Derek finds Mere since he has the paperwork from their attorney; he explains that they need both a guardian and a backup in the will. Since Cristina and Owen were originally the backups, Mere says that Cristina will of course move up to the top spot and then they can pick a Shepherd sister for the alternate. Derek is pretty sure that Cristina doesn't want the job but Mere is sure she does, since this is Zola and Fetus, rather than two random kids off the street. Derek is exasperated that Mere is calling the baby Fetus, though I find it rather hilarious and appropriate for Mere. Derek tells Mere to talk to Cristina anyway -- if she does want the kids, then Derek will be wrong and everyone will be happy about everything.

Callie's TED speech was apparently a massive success, and she's very proud to report that now, "Cartilage is trending." She brags about this to Jackson because she now wants money for a cartilage-growing lab, and figures that if she has Jackson's and Arizona's votes along with her own, she's in good shape. Jackson isn't happy to be pitched and reminds Callie that he's not an ATM, but she's not listening. Alex was behind them and bitterly butts in to ask if this is how their meetings work -- they whisper about their pet projects and then give themselves all the money. This isn't quite true considering the two big research projects we know about are Jeff's lotus valve and Bailey's genome mapping, but I guess Alex is still feeling left out in the cold. He barks that he wants money to take his orphan program global. A very frustrated Jackson yells at them that anyone who wants money is welcome to submit a written proposal per the stated procedure. Richard is there too, and Cristina and Mere join them, but no one is sure why Owen cancelled all of their surgeries for half a day. On cue, he, April and Arizona waltz in with the box of supplies and explain the situation, telling the assembled surgeons that they need to figure out how to do all of the procedures he has on a list with just the supplies in the box. It's just like Apollo 13 only, you know, not in space. Cristina thinks it's impossible but Owen orders them to figure it all out.

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