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Leah takes Joyce's lab results to Bailey and admits that the woman isn't doing well so Bailey tells Leah to admit her. Leah then very tentatively tells Bailey that they now have a second patient in with post-op complications, who had surgery the same day as Joyce. Leah scrubbed in on both of the surgeries with Bailey, and managed their post-op care. Bailey tries to keep her fury at bay as she orders Leah to comb through all of the charts from that day to try and figure out what she might have done wrong. She grabs Stephanie to assist her while a terrified Leah tries to figure out what might have gone wrong.

Leah is flipping through her notes when Steph comes up and reports that the second patient, Kathy, is probably going to need surgery and that Mere and Bailey are about to operate on Joyce to take out her shunt. Leah looks even more dejected than before and seems to have realized what went wrong -- she admits to Stephanie that she was sick on the day that she cared for both of these patients. Stephanie actually has the gall to act scandalized that Leah came in sick, and Leah yells back that all of them always come in when they are sick. She is still trying to write these things off as normal, coincidental post-op infections, but we know that this wouldn't be a plot point if that were the case.

Callie, Richard, Jackson and April are brainstorming for the Syrians when Richard remembers that sugar can be used as a dressing that doesn't need to be changed all the time the way cause would be. April runs off to see if the docs still have access to sugar. That's a pretty cool little factoid, actually.

Cristina, Meredith and Derek are trying to figure out some alternative surgical techniques by drilling holes in a side of meat with a hand drill, and all of them seem to be a little bit of a loss. Fortunately, Callie can teach the docs fracture repairs and Jackson has figured out a way for them to do skin grafts. Owen moseys over to Derek and asks how long it will be until Rachel is out of the ICU, and is quite surprised to hear that Smash would have the info. Derek just makes the excuse that Smash feels connected to the patients and likes to follow through, and Derek like lattes too much to stop him. Arizona then comes in and reports that there was a storm on the East Coast that is delaying Ethan's grandmother's plane for one day, so she thinks Owen should call social services so that he has a place to stay for the night. Owen heaves yet another sigh, and Cristina picks up on it as I'm sure everyone in the room must have, for all his non-subtlety.

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