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Smash actually does do some work in the pit, and he pages Richard regarding a guy named Seth who just came in with an infected surgical site. But then Smash gets a page regarding an MRI for Derek, so he takes off while trying to convince Richard that his generation is, "all about multitasking." Yes, but that means you actually do multiple things at one time, Smash, not that you do one thing in lieu of another.

Richard goes to see Seth, who is generally sweaty and ill looking and explains that he was there two weeks earlier for surgery. Richard pulls up his file and sees that Bailey was his surgeon, and then lifts off the bandage on Seth's arm to reveal the same oozing, dark, nasty infection that Joyce had on her arm.

It's Mere and Cristina's turn to work with the Syrian docs, and Cristina has some (hopefully fake) lungs hanging from a little apparatus and she's using them to show Anthony how to do some procedures while he works on a dummy. April walks in and proceeds to have a meltdown about how she can't meet Matthew's mom because she can't lie to her, too. Unless she figures that they would have a conversation about April's virginity after they shook hands I think she's safe, but I suppose she just means she can't involve his mom in this mockery of a relationship. Mere needles her about lying to Matthew and Cristina mocks him for having his mom pick him up. April is totally indignant and yells at them that he has a good relationship with his mom and respects women and she's so incensed that she doesn't notice that Anthony is totally listening to everything while he works. Ah, gossip: the universal language. April continues to yell about how great Matthew is and so finally Mere suggests that in that case, she should just go ahead and tell him the truth. It's not what April wants to hear, so she just tells Anthony that she's got a technique for something or other to show him when he's done, and then she flees.

Callie finishes up teaching Darvish how to make a splint out of duct tape, just in time for her phone to beep that she has 27 more emails waiting wondering about the future of her cartilage research. She singsongs to Jackson that this should sound like money to his ears, but Jackson just tells her to go bug Derek for his vote instead. The poor boy prince already seems completely exhausted by his new job, even if he is getting better at it. Callie assures him that she will go to Derek, and then tells him breathily about how she's got big, amazing dreams full of cartilage-building machines. Jackson is unimpressed, but Darvish tells her he has that dream all the time too. I'm actually sad we only get these guys for one episode.

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